weird things your baby might do

Weird things babies do that are totally normal

Babies do a lot of super cute things like that little bum curl when you pick them up out of bed, but there are also some weird things babies do…that are totally normal!

It’s normal to analyze every little thing that your baby is doing and worry about whether or not the weird things babies do warrant a call to the midwife or doctor.

While much of the time your instincts will let you know when something is going on there are some weird things babies do that you need to know about so you can worry a little less.

Weird things babies do that are totally normal

They might turn red when they poop

It’s not like they just suddenly turn red when they’re pooping, but sometimes they’ll be working soooooo hard on getting a poop out that they’ll hold their breath and push and their little eyebrows will furrow and their foreheads will start to turn a shade of crimson.

They may also go cross-eyed and make some grunting noises. While this may remind you of when you’re constipated your baby might not be. While sometimes they are, most often when they’re doing this little ritual it’s just one of the weird things babies do that are normal.

They may have super loud poops

You feel the rumbling as you hold them. You see those eyes crossing and that face reddening.

Then, it sounds as if a bomb unleashed in your baby’s diaper.

You immediately get up to find your partner so you can “go to the bathroom”, give them the baby, and scroll through your phone for half an hour assuming that they’ll have changed the poop bomb that exploded.

While your attempts at sneaking in an out from diaper changing may have been successful, I hate to break it that it probably wasn’t that bad of a diaper after all.

Baby poop is liquidy. It’s runny. It’s messy.

However, often times that butt explosion has more bark than bite. Save the ol’ “hand off ’cause I gotta pee” until you see actual evidence of a nasty poop on that adorable onesie that never stood a chance.

They’ll likely cluster feed

Just like us, babies get grouchy.

Just like us, babies want to lounge around, drink lots, demand attention, be entirely unpredictable, and eat a ton of chocolate.

Okay, so I’m assuming they want to eat chocolate, but the rest I know for fact.

Usually, in evenings, you’ll notice that your sweet baby becomes your angry baby. They want to feed constantly, they’ll only eat a little bit at a time before unlatching, they’ll squawk, they’ll fuss.

You’ll start to question everything about the way you’re feeding your baby, but don’t fret.

Cluster feeding is a weird thing babies do. If your baby seems fine during the rest of the day and doesn’t appear to be in pain during their cluster feeding period, it’s probably just their fussy time.

It can be frustrating. Make sure that you have food prepared for yourself, don’t schedule anything in this time (it can often become a daily routine), and make sure to take a break whenever you can.

They may get milk drunk

After you’ve fed your baby they will go into a euphoric state. Their eyelids may flutter and only partially close and they may start smiling in their sleep.

Nope, they’re not having a sweet dream (well, maybe they are), they’re sedated by the warm milk in their belly. Now’s your chance to go have a shower, Mama!

They might move their skulls!

Okay, so they’re not actually “moving their skulls” on their own, but you can see their skull pulsating, which is creepy and cool.

Their fontanel, a.k.a their “soft spot” will pulse with their heartbeat which you can watch. Don’t worry, this won’t last forever. As their skull fuses together the sci-fi-like feature of your baby will disappear.

They might have their period

Now, doesn’t that sound alarming? While it would definitely be somewhat unnerving to find blood in your baby’s diaper it’s actually more common than you think!

Some babies with a vagina may have a mini-period during the first week of their life as a result of maternal hormones surging their their bodies. Some babies with a penis might have what appears to be blood in their diapers but is actually uric acid crystals as their body adapts to a feeding routine.

If either case persists for more than a week call your healthcare professional.

They might be hairier than your Aunt Mildred

There are a lot of weird things babies do that might be alarming, funny, or plain confusing. You need to know about the most common weird baby behaviors!

Lanugo is fine hair that might cover parts of your baby or a lot of your baby. You may find that they are especially hairy on their backs or arms.

Don’t worry…it’ll fall off! There’s no need to do anything with it as it will rub off naturally in time.

They may seem startled all the time

Your newborn is developing their reflexes and learning about their body. They’ll likely put their arms up if there’s a loud sound, you try to wake them, or you release them from a swaddle.

Hiccup. Hiccup. Hiccup.

Your baby is learning how to feed (and so are you!!). They’re likely getting a whole lot of air in their tiny bodies as they feed which results in hiccups. As they grow up they’ll grow out of these frequent hiccups.

You’ll probably be saying “gesundheit” a lot

Your baby is learning to adapt to the environment around them. There’s a lot to sneeze at! Don’t worry, this is one of those weird things that babies do that serves a purpose; they’re clearing out any amniotic fluid that might be in their sinuses!

They may get acne

Babies get all sorts of rashes, including “baby acne” which is completely harmless and not painful for your baby. It’ll look like little red and white bumps on their face, usually around the 3-week mark. Before you go running for the Noxema just give it some time. Your baby’s acne will go away on its own!

While there are a number of weird things babies do you have to make sure you listen to your intuition. If you feel like the weird thing your baby is doing isn’t normal never hesitate to reach out to your healthcare provider and make sure that everything is A-OK!

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