feel great during pregnancy

Ways to feel great during pregnancy

There are some folks who are absolutely blessed and feel great during pregnancy, and there are some who spend their entire pregnancy close to a toilet, swollen, emotional and

If you find yourself in the latter description there are a few things that you can do to feel great during pregnancy.

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    Pregnancy really is pretty incredible. You’re growing life! You get to experience some fascinating changes in your body and experience your baby’s first kicks and hiccups; memories that will truly last you forever.

    Let’s help you feel great.

    Ways to feel great during pregnancy

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    This is something to talk to your midwife or doctor before you start, but generally, most folks are safe to exercise during pregnancy.

    Safe exercise during pregnancy ranges from walking to yoga to running to weightlifting to dancing.

    Exercise will release endorphins that will help elevate your mood while getting your body healthy and in shape for when you go into labor (and before and after, of course). In fact, exercise has been thought to reduce your labor time! If that doesn’t motivate you….I don’t know what will!

    Eat well and hydrate

    When you’re feeling nauseated you likely don’t feel like eating big meals. Try eating small meals every 2 hours or so. Make sure that you’re getting a healthy balance of whole foods, but also make sure that you’re giving into those cravings occasionally -escargot and a chocolate milkshake provide some nutritional value, right?

    It’s easy to think: “Well, I’m getting bigger anyway, I can eat whatever I want”. Just remember that the food that you’re likely to indulge in likely won’t make you feel great during pregnancy and you may experience more swelling and bloating in your already shifting body.

    Pamper yourself

    You know it. I know it. You can’t reach your toes. Go have someone paint them!

    If painted toenails aren’t your thing there are some other ways you can:

    -Get yourself a nice outfit that fits your bump and that you feel awesome in. There are some super cute ideas here.

    Get a subscription box. Bump Box is a great option to get a box of good that will come in handy while making you feel great during pregnancy and postpartum, as well as for your new baby and for Daddy!

    -Love your changing body. Check out your curves, Mama. Watch your baby kick or your bump jiggle as they hiccup. Your body is amazing. Let it know that!

    No matter which trimester you're in there are some ways you can feel great during pregnancy. What would you add to this list?

    Have sex

    Ooooh ya. You might find that there are times when your body and mind say “absolutely not” but when you’re feeling up to it make sure to get on it, girl!

    Sex during pregnancy is generally safe unless your midwife or doctor has advised against it. Having sex can feel great during pregnancy but it can also be a little uncomfortable, depending on where you’re at in your pregnancy.

    Make sure that you communicate with your partner about how you’re feeling and try new positions to accommodate your growing belly. You can read more about sex during pregnancy in this post.

    Take your prenatal vitamins and Folic Acid

    The prenatal vitamins will make sure that you’re getting the vitamins and minerals you need to take care of your body while the folic acid makes sure your baby is developing properly.

    If you’re feeling nauseated ask your midwife or doctor about vitamin B6. Also, try taking your prenatal vitamin at night. The iron in it can often cause pregnant folks to feel sick, so taking it at night can alleviate some of the sickness you feel during the day.


    I know. You just scoffed at that a bit. You’re all like: “But….the co-sleeper needs to be put in place” and “But…I need to clean the baseboards with a toothbrush” (hello nesting), but actually resting is good for you. Your body is under a lot more stress than when you’re not pregnant and you need to listen to it!

    Try and find a balance between keeping your body moving and keeping it resting.

    What else would you add to this list of ways to feel great during pregnancy?

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