Hey Mama!

I’m so, so, SO excited that we’ll be spending time together over the next 4 weeks as you learn about how to take care of your newborn baby!

First of all, Congratulations! This is a really exciting time and I really do hope that you’re enjoying your pregnancy.

Second of all, there are a few housekeeping things we need to take care of.

Before you do anything, please go ahead and join this secret group by clicking here where all of the live trainings will be done and where all resources will be available.

Make sure you watch the introduction video for some instructions.

Due to privacy policies on Facebook, you’ll need to click the link I give you so that you can comment on the videos and I can see who’s commenting!

The link will be in the comments along with a link to the first workbook you’ll need for the first live lesson. You can choose to print this or work online (however, I highly recommend printing it).

Then, write down the following dates and times on your calendar:

May 16 10:00 am PST

May 23 10:00 am PST

May 30 10:00 am PST

June 6 10:00 am PST

Once you’re done that, please make sure to introduce yourself on the designated post in the group so that I get to know you a bit!

If you have any questions please email sam@moderndayhippie.ca or get a hold of me through the Facebook group.

I’m so excited to meet you!

See you soon,

xo Sam