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The best reasons you don’t have a clean house

Try as you might, you never totally have a clean house when you have children.


After one room has been cleaned and then immediately destroyed by your lovely children you wonder if it’s worth it to carry on or to throw in the towel, but you can’t even find a towel to throw!

It’s particularly frustrating when company comes over and you have to justify the state of your house. You can be embarrassed, or you can casually mention a few reasons for why you don’t have a clean house:

The vacuum just broke this morning

And the broom. And the cleaner bottle.

The essential oils in the diffuser must have gone bad

You know that funky smell is coming from the rotten apple that you can’t find, but your company won’t be able to place it. “Stale essential oils” will give you some time between now and the next time they come over for you to figure out where your 3-year-old hid that half eaten apple.

The kids are conservationists

Flushing the toilet consumes SO much water. Protect our planet, man!

I asked the kids to leave their toys out


reasons why you don't have a clean house

I’m doing a personal training program that requires I run an obstacle course. I’m just getting prepared.

That’s the cupboard we keep our “personal” items in

Of course, “personal” items just means the items that you frantically shoved in there moments before they arrived…but they won’t want to find out.

We like to keep up with the latest findings

And the latest research says that when you get into an unmade bed you have a longer, deeper sleep. It’s better for us all this way.

I’m contributing to my child’s gross motor development

Mt. Hugeasspileofcleanlaundrythatneedstobefolded has been intentionally put there for my children to climb and conquer. Physical activity is very important!

We live here

This is the most logical reason, but for some reason, people just don’t get it. If they don’t like it welcome them to help you pick up after your children and repeatedly clean the same room. Chances are, after 5 minutes they’ll start sobbing in the corner- with no clean towel to dry their tears!



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