5 things that happen when you have your fourth baby

5 things that happen when you have a fourth baby

So, you wanna have a fourth baby, do ya?

There’s a lot of things to consider when deciding whether to have another baby, but the fourth is a particularly big shift in lifestyle.

From one Mama of four to another potential Mama of four, here’s a few things that will happen when you have your fourth baby:


Your sanity will be questioned by others…and yourself

Primagravida: Scientific term for a woman who is pregnant for her first time.

Multigravida: Scientific term for a woman who is pregnant for her second or third time.

Crazywomangravida: Scientific term for a woman who is pregnant for her fourth or more time.

You can’t argue with science.

You now have a 100% chance of not sleeping

There’s about a 25% chance you’re going to be woken up in the night when you have one child. When you have four children you’re pretty much guaranteed to not sleep . Get that coffee brewing, Mama!

Moms need coffee

You now have a 100% chance of not having sex

Maybe you’ve realized that you’ve reached your maximum capacity with 4 kids, and not having sex is actually a good thing. However, maybe you’re not done having babies. If this is the case, and you can find time to make a baby, you’re certainly amazing enough to have a fifth!

You officially need a minivan

Or something with 7 seats, at least. Don’t fight the inevitable. Say goodbye to your little car that got you through your days of 1-3 children, and trade up for a minivan! They’re not that bad. There’s lots of room, and nobody questions if you’re supposed to be in the “Family Parking” at the grocery store (even if you forgot the kids at home that day…)

You constantly do a headcount

Wrangling four children is like herding ants; it ain’t easy.

You’ve got a lot of stuff to remember: diaper bag, snacks, diapers, snacks, extra clothes, snacks, baby carrier, snacks, phone, snacks, wallet, snacks, and snacks. Oh…and you can’t forget the kids!

Count them. Do a roll call. Find a way to make sure you have all of them!



These little tidbits of information aren’t meant to deter you from considering a fourth baby. Believe me, it’s also the best!! There’s more to love, and more love in return.

It’s also an even number, and you can’t beat that!



It doesn’t matter how many kids you have…you need to have some time for YOU!!

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