These are things that I highly recommend that you consider buying for when your baby comes but aren’t technically necessities.

(I am an affiliate for these products. That means that I may receive a commission of the sale at no extra cost to you.)

Stretchy baby wrap

In my opinion, this is a must-have, but if you’re not too sure about babywearing you may need some convincing first.

(I’ll try to convince you in this post).

This is my favorite stretchy wrap for a newborn. You can use it for a few months until you transition into a soft structure carrier, like this Ergo.


I’m a big fan of buying one stroller that can do it all. Getting a stroller that you can run in, walk around the neighborhood, and go on trails is a great investment.

This BOB stroller can adapt to hold your carseat so it clips right in. As your baby grows they can go directly into the stroller.


While it’s completely an option to bathe your baby in your bathroom bathtub it’s nice to be able to put a baby bathtub on the sink so that you can bathe your baby while standing (save your back!!)

A simple one like this will do the trick.

Nursing tanks

While it’s wise to wait to buy a cup specific nursing bra it’s a nice idea to have some nursing tanks on hand to give you a bit of support and convenience.