(I am an affiliate for these products so if you purchase anything I may receive a commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support:))

Things you must get for when your baby arrives

(I am an affiliate for these products so if you purchase anything I may receive a commission. Thanks for your support:))


I recommend getting at least 10 washcloths like this because you’ll be using them in the bath, when you need to clean up spit up messes, and for various other quick clean ups. If you’re planning on cloth diapering you’ll need to at least double that amount of wipes.


I’m a big fan of the Naty brand disposable diapers because it always fared well to leaks and it’s eco-friendly.

If you’re looking to cloth diaper you’re going to need:

diapers (I like pocket diapers the best)



wet bag

or a big ol’ put together package like this

-diaper sprayer


I like all things unscented for babies. It reduces the chances that your baby is going to have a negative reaction to it.

Pampers has an unscented option that works well.

Receiving Blankets

These are great to have to put on your shoulder when you burp your baby and to have close by in case of projectile spit-up incidents (don’t be surprised). Basic flannel blankets will do the trick!


Your baby will need a breathable blanket for when they’re in their bed or carseat. Muslin is my absolute favourite material for babies as it’s lightweight, soft, and can easily be used to swaddle baby, too. Try to keep two of these on hand in case one gets dirty.


What’s the best thing about being a baby? You can wear pajamas all day every day and nobody will judge you.

If you don’t know what gender your baby will be you can buy a pack of pajamas like this and then order other stuff you want when baby is a bit older. (That’s the beauty of Amazon Prime, by the way.)

You’ll also need:


-scratch mittens

-A warm suit in case you go outside

-a “take home” outfit

Make sure you have at least 7 pairs of pajamas to get you started. Zippered ones are ideal so you’re not fumbling around with snaps in the wee hours of the morning (or ever…those things are awful!)

(Click here for a list of the things you’ll eventually need and quantities)

Baby safe laundry detergent

You’re going to want some gentle detergent to wash all of your baby things in.

Breast pump

This is only applicable if you have already planned to pump exclusively or want to start stockpiling frozen milk for later use (say, if you’re going back to work out of the home after a few months).

Medela is my favourite breast pump brand. I write all about it in this post on how to find a good pump for you.

If you’re pumping you’ll also need:

breastmilk storage bags

sterilization bags (optional but make life easier)


Again, this is applicable if you’re planning on giving your baby pumped breastmilk or formula.

Glass bottles are a safe option for babies. Dr. Brown’s are what I used and what many of my doula friends recommend to their clients.

If you’re buying bottles you’ll also need:


bottle cleaner

bottle drying rack (optional)

sterilization bags (again, optional)

Don’t buy too many of these as your baby may not like them and you’ll need to try another nipple or brand.


If you’ve chosen to formula feed you’re going to need to have some on hand for when your baby gets home. It might be a good idea to have some ready made formula for those first few days as you navigate life with your baby to make things a bit easier.

After that, you can go to powdered formula to use with the bottles listed above. I used this brand when I was topping up my babies.

A place for baby to sleep

You may have done your research and decided that bed-sharing is going to be the best option for your family in which case you don’t need anything other than your existing bed.

If you’ve done your research and decided that having a separate place for your baby to sleep you might consider:


This is a bed for your baby that goes beside your own bed so you can easily bring them to you to nurse them during the night (or day if you’re having a lay down) and then put them back in their own space.

Use the code “MODERN” at the checkout for 10% off your purchase of any Arm’s Reach product.

In bed co-sleeper

This provides a separate space for baby but is placed in the middle of your bed.


Something like this that will last well into the toddler years is a skookum option!


No matter which place you decide to put your baby to sleep in you’re going to need sheets.

Car Seat

Even if you don’t drive it’s a really good idea to have a car seat. If you ever want to go out with friends or family in their cars you’re going to need to have a car seat to safely take your baby out and about.

Graco is a reputable brand and is well known for its safety. I recommend buying a bucket seat first so that you can carry baby in the seat versus taking them out at every stop.

Baby toiletries

You don’t much in the way of things to put on your baby:

shampoo and wash

nail clippers

oil or lotion (for massage)

Postpartum care products

Don’t forget about yourself!

There are a few things that will come majorly in handy as you recover from childbirth. Make sure to get some of these things from your midwife or while you’re at the hospital as it doesn’t hurt to have some spares!

Peri bottle

-Postpartum pads or underwear

sitz bath

Hemorrhoid relief