These are things that you should hold off on buying until your baby is born and you find you actually really need them.

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Baby monitor

You may find that you’re babywearing frequently or don’t have space to warrant a baby monitor. However, you might find that you get a lot of comfort from being able to see/ hear your baby from wherever you are.

Formula dispenser

You may get into the groove of making bottles, but you might want to make it easier. This little ditty is like an espresso machine for baby formula. It will make you a warm bottle at the push of a button!

Bottle and wipe warmer

You may find that you’re not enjoying waiting for your baby’s bottle to warm up (and they may not be enjoying it either.) That’s when a bottle warmer is handy.

A wipes warmer is a really, really nice gesture.


Some women find that their milk production needs a boost with some herbs. Talk to your healthcare professional or lactation consultant to find out which ones are best, but you can find them all here.

Snot sucker

Depending on how snotty your baby is you may find that this comes in handy to help them get some relief from congestion.

Breast pads and milk saver

If you find that you leak a lot you’re going to want to have some breast pads on hand pretty quickly. You can use some of your baby’s wipes until they arrive.

You may also consider a milk saver so that you can catch all of that lovely milk and put it into storage bags!

Nursing bra

Your breasts will change size as your milk comes in. Wait for a few weeks until you buy a nursing bra.


You may or may not find you want to give soothers a try.

Pack n Play

Having an extra place for your baby to sleep that’s not in your bedroom (maybe the livingroom?) is a really nice option to have.