raising happy children

The secret to raising happy children

Once upon a time, women worked together. They complained about their partners together (some things are timeless). They grew food together. They raised their children together.

Once upon a time, women shared feelings together. They grieved together. They anticipated together. They protested together. They celebrated together.

Once upon a time, women built each other up. They helped each other grow. The gave each other encouragement. They showed each other love.

Once upon a time, women created their village.

Today, our society is filled with women who challenge one another. They compete. They compare. They are not united.

They are missing out.

Finding a village is the most empowering thing a woman can do for herself, especially when she is a mother. Surrounding herself with other women experiencing the same spectrum of emotions gives her confidence. It allows her to feel fully understood. It helps her learn and flourish. During the times she needs to be supported, whether she needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to watch her children, she has her village to help her. This is unachievable alone. In order to maintain a healthy journey through motherhood, a woman needs a solid foundation of people who will lift her. Motherhood is an incredibly challenging job and one that shouldn’t and doesn’t need to be accomplished alone.

There is something magical about being surrounded by a village. Women are a fierce and strong force. Their energy is undeniable. A village can bring a woman from a dark, low place and set her soaring. She can be liberated from her feelings of depression and isolation; feelings that are sometimes involved in motherhood.  She is better for this. Her village is better for this. Her children are better for this. Her children will benefit, not only from having their mother in a state of fulfillment and capability but also from witnessing the powerful effect of women uniting. Her children will learn and gain experiences from members of the village, each of whom brings something to the group.

A mother will do everything in their power to ensure that their children are getting the best life possible. She will work incredibly hard to make sure her child has the best clothing, food, house, education, and entertainment that she can provide. She would walk the ends of the earth to have happy children.

She doesn’t have to.

The secret to raising happy children is in the village they are raised with. By allowing herself to collaborate with a like-minded group, a woman opens herself up to an opportunity for happiness within her child and herself. The bonds she will build and the memories she will create with the other members of her village will leave a lifelong impression on her own personal growth and development, as well as the person her child grows to be. It takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to raise a mother.

Mothers, raise yourself, to raise your child.

Find your village.

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