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The best newborn baby gifts

It can be easy to get super carried away when you’re shopping for baby gifts, especially for a newborn.

Everything you pick up is really cute and tiny enough that you feel like a giant holding it which I’m positive releases some level of oxytocin that only adds to the enjoyment of shopping for baby gifts.

The thing is, as sweet and cuddly as newborn babies are they are 100% clueless to the fact that you’ve gotten them a gift. Depending on what milestone they’re at they may be able to see the gift clearly or perhaps even be able to grasp it and shove it in their mouth for a brief moment, but realistically they won’t be able to enjoy the baby gift you got them until they’re a little bit older.

This is a list of newborn baby gifts that has been compiled based on what can be given to them when they’re small but will be cherished as they grow.

Newborn gifts to be cherished forever

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treasure box for a newborn gift

Keepsake Box

This customized box can safely hold special treasures forever. A child is likely to receive some special gifts and having one place to put them all is ideal to help preserve them!
Photo credit: Primitiveweddings

gifts for newborn message necklace

Message in a necklace

How sweet is it to have a message for baby in a necklace that Mom can wear while feeding, dressing, bathing, and holding baby? Then, the necklace that's filled with a beautiful message AND beautiful memories can be given to baby when they're a little bit grown up.
Photo credit: LunaElm

Dish set

Think of all the food you could put on here that baby will end up throwing at you!
(I'm kidding...sort of.)
Having a personalized dish set is something that will grow with your child for years and is a great keepsake for them to pull out when they have children of their own.
Photo credit:RobinBadgerPottery

milestone blanket for newborn baby gift

Milestone blanket

This multi-purpose blanket provides a double keepsake: it allows for photo opportunities to track baby's growth and also provides warmth and comfort for years to come!
Photo credit: blueelephantprints

Custom Star Map

What did the night sky look like during baby's birth? It's hard to say because everyone was just a bit distracted...but these guys can tell you!
This star map shows the exact location of the stars and constellations the night baby was born. Add a quote, name, and birth date and it's a perfect forever keepsake.
Photo credit: TheStarsAboveCo

Sleeper Memory Bear

Baby's clothes bring back a lot of memories. They're so tiny and sweet, and there's always a favourite that the parents had baby in a lot. Instead of throwing it in a box when baby (very quickly) grows out of it why not have it turned into something that baby can cherish for years to come? A best friend can be made and kept forever:)
Photo credit: 4MonstersMerchandise

Baby Book

Who doesn't love reading about themselves as a baby? This sweet baby book is filled with prompts for information about baby that they will look back on with joy.
Photo credit: RainbowsLollipopsArt

Piggy Bank

As baby grows they'll inevitably be given some money (or find money and try and eat it). Give them a place to put their funds and watch their savings grow as they do!
Photo credit: imdecorngifts

These are just a few newborn baby gift ideas. All of these beautifully handcrafted items will be keepsakes for years and years and can eventually passed down to the next generation. 

If you’re looking for some other newborn baby gift ideas you can also:

-make a donation to a charity in the baby’s name

-contribute to baby’s RRSP

-offer a gift certificate for lessons/classes (i.e. Parent and baby swim class)

-get MomDad, and/or older siblings a gift! They kinda did a lot to contribute to baby being here…they deserve some love, too!

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