should you travel alone as a mom

Should you travel alone when you have kids?

You’re a mom now, but does that mean you can’t travel alone?

I had always opposed the idea of travel alone without my children, but doing so requires a ton of planning and a whole lot more money (especially if you have four kids!). There’s a lot of patience required to book a massive trip that I didn’t have; I needed to get away NOW!

I booked a ticket for myself to London, England. This adventure for me was solo, but when I say “travel alone” I don’t necessarily mean doing it without a companion- I do mean doing it without your children!

My 11 days touring through England taught my family and I a lot of lessons and we all benefited massively from it.

Should YOU travel alone as a Mom? Here are the reasons why you most definitely should:

You need time to recharge

Remember how INCREDIBLY HARD AND EXHAUSTING MOTHERHOOD IS? You need time to recharge and refill your soul. If you think that travel alone will do that then you 100% should do it.

Never forget that you’re still you alongside being a Mom.

Your partner gets to spend quality time with your children

And by “quality time with your children” I mean they get a taste of what your life is like. Of course, they also actually get to spend quality time with your children which is obviously very important, too.

Should you put your dreams on hold now that you're a Mom? Or should you travel alone even though you have kids? Here's what a Mom of 4 thinks about it...

You’ll inspire your children

When you return from your adventures of travel alone you’ll be able to tell them countless stories of the things you experienced. If watching you doesn’t inspire them to want to travel the world themselves they’ll at least understand and appreciate the need to do things for yourself.

You’ll push yourself out of your comfort zone

Things that made me uncomfortable:

1. Flying
2. Leaving my children
3. Sleeping away from home
4. Using public transit
5. Initiating conversation with strangers
6. Going out after dark
7. Leaving my happy comfort zone

During my 11 days in England I:

1. Flew on my first international flight without hyperventilatingđź‘Ś
2. Left my girls for a longer than 3 day stretch (my past record)
3. Slept at good hostels, slept at dodgy hostels, stayed with family, and had a hotel room. Each one was made my home for however long I was there for.
4. I chuga-chuga-choo-choo’d, double deckered, and Minded The Gap. I didn’t get lost, not even once.
5. From late night chats with fellow travellers to pub crawls with locals I talked to all the people. In doing so I met folks who I will be forever grateful that I encountered.
6. Realizing that I was missing out on a great deal of exploration time by staying in when the sun went down forced me to hold my head high and confidently walk the streets at night. I saw great things in an entirely new perspective.
7. I went so far out of my comfort zone that I nearly forgot it’s existence. I listened to my intuition and my anxiety and differentiated between the two in order to make decisions. My boundary zone grew 3 sizes that trip.

I understand that travel alone without the kids is a big leap, and believe me, it took me a long time to make that jump. The first step for me was booking my ticket-once I put out the money for the plane I knew there was no going back.

I’m not an expert on travel, but if you have questions about what I did and how I did it I’m happy to chat!

Have you done any travel alone? If not, where would you like to go?

christmas gift guide

The BEST Christmas gift guide for 9 types of moms

You want to get a great Christmas gift for Mom, but it’s usually easier said than done.

Quite often you get the “Oh, I don’t need anything” response from a Mom when she’s asked what she desires for Christmas, but you know and I know that it’s always a nice gesture to get the woman who DOES IT ALL a little token.

She sure doesn’t make coming up with a Christmas gift easy, but here are a few ideas for a Christmas gift for Mom whether it’s your Mom, your Mom friend, your partner, or even for some ideas for what you can ask for on your Christmas list!

The ultimate list of handmade items that you don't have to make! Find the perfect Christmas gift for Mom with these great suggestions!

A guide for the best Christmas gift for Mom

*I gotta tell ya; if you click on any of these links I’m going to make a few bucks. Do you know how awesome that is? All of these gifts are handmade by small businesses. So, really, if you purchase one of these items you’re helping a small business, you’re helping your favourite blogger, AND you’re going to feel great about where your hard-earned money is going! 

1. The TRENDY Mom

trendy mom Christmas gift

This Mom always looks hawt! She’s got the latest clothes, the latest shoes, the latest bags, and her hair is always in the most currently stylish form of Mom bun. She just got past the stage of wearing some fashionable “Chewlery” and now is in need of something that won’t get slobbered on. She will absolutely love this versatile jewelry that will go with all of her outfits, regardless of the latest trends.

2. The HIPPIE Mom

hippie mom Christmas gift

Follow the scent of Patchouli and you’ll find your hippie Mom friend. Unfortunately, she’s almost out of her favorite all-natural parfum and is in desperate need of more. Some lovely smelling stuff with this handy bag and she’ll be good to go!

3. The CAREER Mom

career mom christmas gift

This necklace will allow the mom who works out of the home to see her kids whenever she wants during the day.

**As an added bonus, she can see them but can’t hear them screaming “MOOOOOOOOOOOM” and asking for snacks this way!


wine lover Christmas gift

You know this lady. It’s 7 p.m. (give or take some hours) when you give her a ring-a-ling and you don’t even have to ask what she’s doing. You know she’s enjoying a nice glass of wine. You could get her a nice bottle of wine for Christmas (you know there are ones with swearing on the labels, right?). However, if you get her something like this you’re guaranteeing that she gets a glass of wine brought to her whenever she sits down! Make sure she has an appropriate wine glass for the occasion.

5. The HOT MESS Mom

hot mess mom christmas gift

She shows up to drop off at school in a whirlwind, but this lady has GOT IT! Her kids are dressed and fed and ready for the day. She’s half ready for her day- lovely outfit, but that hair is still a mess. Give her the gift of “I don’t need to worry about my hair right now” with this hat that will hide it all.

Plus, she’ll look hella cute alongside her kiddo who’s hair is also in a mess under a matching toque (trust me…it’s a great strategy).

6. The REBEL Mom

rebel Mom Christmas gift

Okay, she’s not actually a rebel, but she kinda looks like it. She’s got the tattoos and the black leather accessories. 

She’s got the skull theme going on and may come across as a little intimidating (she’s not- she’s really super sweet). Help her complete her look with this extra awesome skull hat!


coffee lover Christmas gift

You saw her once before she had her cup of morning Jo and it wasn’t pretty. Some people joke about not being human before coffee but she ain’t one of them. Get her morning off to an even better start by getting her a gift to put her elixir of LIFE in!


stay at home mom christmas gift

Once the kids are happily entertained for a few minutes this Mom takes off to her bedroom for a few minutes of peace. She’ll be thrilled every time she walks into her room to see an amazing pillow that is not only flashy but also has a personalized message from you on it!


athletic mom Christmas gift

Not only is she conquering her two-year-olds new tantrum phase, but she’s also conquering mountains.

This Mom is always in sportswear and ready for a jog, hike, or gym session. A beautiful necklace that visually reminds her of the mountains, as well as the ability to scent with some cedar essential oil, will give her satisfaction all the time!

There you have it- some suggestions for the perfect Christmas gift for Mom.

What’s on YOUR Christmas gift wish list for this year?

how to avoid mom guilt

How to avoid Mom guilt

Mom guilt hits us no matter what we do.

Whether you co-slept or your baby was in a crib, it doesn’t matter.

You’re guilty.

Whether you stayed at home or went to work, it doesn’t matter.

You’re guilty.

Whether you fed them junk food or didn’t allow it, it doesn’t matter.

You’re guilty.

Regardless of how you taught them, disciplined them, or provided for them it doesn’t matter.

None of it matters.

You’re. Still. Guilty.

From the time you learn you are carrying life inside of you it becomes your number one priority to keep the most precious thing in the world safe.  Understanding that another being’s best interest is in your hands is a terrifyingly humbling feeling. Your children have an enormous amount of trust in your capabilities, and depend immensely on your ability to make practical, reasonable, and informed decisions on their behalf until they reach an age where they can make their own. With this in mind, you agonize over the daily decisions you have to make pertaining to what you think is best for your child, sometimes spending hours weighing options, doing research, and finally narrowly compromising with ourselves on a decision.

It’s a part of motherhood that many struggles with and it is entirely normal.  However, being aware of the normalcy doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Using a simple approach, such as a “R.E.L.A.X” strategy to help us cope with the heavy responsibility on your shoulders allows for the opportunity to overcome the daunting mom guilt and carry on as effective parents.

How to avoid Mom guilt

Regardless of how you taught them, disciplined them, or provided for them it doesn’t matter. None of it matters. You've sill got mom guilt.


Ask people you know and trust. Read books. Find online articles from well-known and dependable resources. Pull in information from a number of sources and really contemplate what you’ve learned. Does it feel right? Does it compliment your beliefs? Does it make you feel comfortable? If your newfound knowledge makes sense to you then it is time to make your decision. It’s a lot easier to come to a conclusion when you are confident that you’re educated. Once you’ve reached a decision, stick with it! You’ve done the research and you’ve weighed your options. Ultimately, you know your child best. Have solace in the fact that you’ve paired an informed decision with intuition; this equation usually has the best outcome.

Escape the media

Take a look on your social media feed. What do you see? Probably plenty of headlines stating the latest and “best” research contradicting everything you’ve ever done as a mother. There’s a lot of information floating around on that worldwide web. We live in a society that is so hard on parents and seems to constantly perpetuate Mom guilt. There is no pleasing anyone, and everyone is an expert. Some of it is legitimate and worth considering, but a lot of it comes from unreliable sources masked as reputable. Narrow down what you’re subjected to. You can control the media that you see. Take the time to customize it and ensure you’re not being inundated with material that isn’t going to benefit you. Take everything with a grain of salt and don’t allow yourself to be put into a frenzy with information that may or may not be accurate. A simple “unfollow” can turn unnecessary hogwash from anxiety provoking to “out of sight, out of mind”.

Let yourself off the hook

It truly takes a village to raise your child. You’re not the only person impacting the outcome of the day to day care of your child. Moms tend to put so much pressure on themselves that they often forget that they are only a part of how a child is being brought up. Everything a child does, everywhere they go, everyone they see all impact the way that child thinks and behaves. They have teachers, extended family, coaches, daycare providers, community program facilitators, etc. that they see daily. All of these people your child comes in contact with will make an impression on the person they become. Understand that you aren’t your child’s only source of influence, especially when you see behaviour from them that you don’t necessarily understand.

Allow yourself to make mistakes

Parenting is an incredibly difficult job. An individual manual that came with your child would make raising them a lot easier, but seems how that doesn’t exist, heed that as a reminder: there’s no way to do this perfectly. Acknowledge to your child if you feel you’ve done something you need to apologize for. It will make you feel better and they will appreciate seeing you as a human being. Your child will build a reasonable understanding of self-awareness when they make their own mistakes. They will be able to take the necessary steps to redeem themselves in an appropriate and mature manner. You grow and learn from the mistakes you make. Your child will grow and learn from your mistakes, as well.


You’re only raising a child to be a productive member of society that has strong morals, high ethics, that is responsible, hardworking, and compassionate while being healthy, well-educated, and independent. It’s no big deal, right?

Ya, right…

The importance of your job as a parent is significant. Aside from all the required duties (providing food, shelter, and love) there’s everything else you put on yourself as well. Give yourself a minute to recharge. You’re going to struggle if you pour from an empty cup. The best thing you can do for your child is to take care of YOU. Whether you exercise, meditate, take a bath, read a book, or whatever it is that makes you relax, you need to take the time to ensure that happens for YOU. Take a literal breath. If you can’t fit in the self-care that you require immediately take a moment to take a few deep breaths. Inhale for 3 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds. The more taken care of you are, the more you can take care of your child in an effective, positive manner. Do you know what else? Your child needs to see that, too. They need to realize that parents require love, care, and attention so they can grow up understanding that loving yourself is just as important as loving others.

It’s impossible to not feel any Mom guilt about anything. However, the looming feeling that your choices weren’t the “right” ones or that you could have done something better are indicative of one thing: You’re doing a good job. No. You’re doing a great job. Let yourself know that. Focus on the things that you undoubtedly know you have done “right” and let go of any thoughts that contradict that.

Your children truly don’t stay little for long. I know you’ve heard that a million times, but it’s true. There are so many other distractions in daily life such as bills that need to be paid, careers, housework, preparing food, and the list goes on. These tasks take us away from enjoying the moments of parenting that really are exciting and powerful. Don’t let guilt become a part of that list of distractions that consume your already limited time.

Take a minute, R.E.L.A.X., and enjoy raising your children.

rules of motherhood

How to be a good Mom

In my time as a mother I have done a lot of learning. Some of the lessons have come easily, while some have taken a little more  time to understand.  Of all the things I have learned over time, these are the ones that have resonated with me and have helped me be a good mom:

*Make-up can help you look less tired.

*You will forget all the chaos and frustrations of the day when you look at your sleeping children.

*Your best is good enough. Your love is all they really need.

*Wine helps.

*Swearing doesn’t make you a bad mother.

*Taking a break from your children doesn’t mean you don’t love them. It just means you love yourself, too.

It’s the one we all seem to have difficulty with, yet it is the most important thing to remember to make sure we can be a good mom.

As mothers, we give. We give our bodies, minds, and souls to our children. We do everything in our power to make sure that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy,  that they’re educated, rested, and experiencing opportunities to find themselves so they can develop their unique personalities. We sacrifice things we want and need so that they can have what they want and need. Our desires get pushed to the backburner. We lose ourselves in the world of motherhood by giving 100% of ourselves to our children, and we seem to forget that there is still “you” underneath our identity as a mother.

We love our children. This is evident in the way in which we treat them. When was the last time you gave yourself the same treatment?

How to be a good mom

Mama, you need to take care of your body. Sure, cleaning the house and carrying children keeps you moving, but you need to elevate that heart rate. Do cardio. Do yoga.  Eat proper, healthy meals. You wouldn’t let your children skip lunch so they could tidy the house, and they would certainly never be allowed to fill the void in their bellies with a third cup of coffee. Sleep. Shower. Paint your nails.

Do you wonder how to be a good mom? You keep trying to do more for your children but never feel like you're doing enough. What if you gave this a try?

Mama, you need to take care of your mind. Read. Write in a journal. Meditate. Allow yourself the quiet time you need to be able to accomplish this. Send the kids outside or to watch a movie. Ignore the mess. Put on your favourite song and let go. Sing. Dance. Do a crossword. Learn how to make kombucha. Create.

Mama. Your soul. Take care of your soul.  Do whatever it is that brings you joy. Knit. Climb mountains. Volunteer. Think about the things that make up “you” other than being a mother, and embrace them. Don’t let them fall into the abyss of the chaos of life. When your children are less dependent on your care you will be able to regain your individualism. Don’t let that be a struggle. Maintain your relationship with “you” so “you” can flourish when the opportunity arises. Thank yourself. Tell yourself what a great job you’re doing. Buy yourself flowers.

Mama, you MUST do this.

So many of us are running on an empty tank, or even on fumes. It doesn’t take long for that tank to become depleted. You need fuel. Premium fuel. Taking good care of your children requires you to have energy, imagination, and patience. You simply cannot accomplish this if you, yourself is not filled up.

Motherhood involves teaching your children by example. Your children are aware of what you are doing for them. They are aware of the countless hours you put into ensuring they are cared for. They’re also aware of the bags under your eyes and the exhaustion in your voice. You are teaching them the importance of taking care of others. Give them the opportunity to understand the importance of taking care of themselves, as well.  Taking good care of your children begins with taking good care of yourself.

Mama, you are amazing.

You love your children.

Don’t forget to love yourself, too…it’s the best way that you can be a good mom.