how you know you've met the mom love of your life

How you know you’ve met the Mom love of your life

It’s a lot more difficult to make friends when you’re an adult than it was when you were younger. Perhaps life experiences have caused us to be more cautious when choosing friends now. Maybe it’s that the criteria for choosing friends are more extensive than “I like your scrunchie”.

Ok, so that’s actually still a criterion as an adult, but it’s alongside a multitude of other ones that are just as important, like how kind they are and how good at making coffee they are.

While it’s more difficult to make these friends as an adult it’s always worth the extra effort you have to put in. The ladies you become friends with go through the hardest stage of your lives with you. You’ll be close. They need you and you need them.

You’ll meet a lot of different women in your journey through motherhood, but there are a few ways to know when you’ve met a true MILFF (Mom I’d Like to Friend on Facebook):


Signs you’ve met the Mom love of your life


  1. You never feel you have to start a conversation with “I know this is TMI, but….”

  2. You know when your children are with her they’re in good hands. They’ll be sent outside to play with her kids while she happily watches Netflix and periodically checks on them from the window.

  3. She just seems to know when to invite you over for coffee.

  4. Her house is never clean when you go over. She wants to make you feel at home.

  5. She’s told you her full birth story and hasn’t left anything out.

  6. She never interferes when you’re parenting, unless she’s backing you up against your raging 3-year-old.

  7. You both drag your kids to the playground because playdates are entirely not always about them.

  8. She says she’s going to bring over a bottle of wine, but she doesn’t. She brings a MAGNUM bottle of wine.

  9. You know she loves your kids like her own.

  10. You love her kids like they’re your own.

  11. You tell her everything knowing she is judging nothing.

  12. She tells you secrets that she hasn’t even told her partner.

  13. She’s got your back when your innocent Facebook post gets bombarded by Sanctimommies.

  14. Her partner asks when you’ll see each other next because she’s always happier after spending time with you.

15. A week of not seeing each other feels like an eternity!


As adults, we can understand and appreciate a good friend when you’ve found one. Once you’ve found that Mom love of your life hang onto her. Momming is hard. You’re gonna need each other to tell your deepest darkest secrets to; like when you actually last bathed your children!

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