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Should you try your breastmilk?

It’s not often that something that your body naturally produces sparks curiosity about whether you should put it in your mouth or not, yet the idea to try your breastmilk doesn’t seem to be that far fetched to most folks.

Given the number of inquisitive people I had around when I was nursing who always asked “what does breastmilk taste like?” and my constant reply of “wanna try some?” (I mostly did this for shock value but was occasionally challenged with a “sure”) I have to assume that I’m not the first person who thought it’s fine to try your breastmilk.

In other words, if you’ve landed on this article because you want to try your breastmilk but aren’t sure who to ask if it’s a normal query or not you can rest assured that you’re in the right place.

Should you try your breastmilk?

Well, why wouldn’t you?

I mean, you’re giving the stuff to your baby on a pretty frequent basis. Don’t you want to know what their tastebuds are like and why exactly they demand it so freakin’ often (other than the obvious hunger aspect, but still there’s gotta be other desirable characteristics that they are going for here)?

Now, as stated above there aren’t many bodily fluids that I’d be terribly interested in sampling from any other orifice in my body. Breastmilk, however, I was 100% intrigued by.

So, I gave it a try.

Yep, squired it right on my arm and gave it a big ol’ lick.

In hindsight, doing this in front of my brother-in-law who didn’t have children, never wanted children, and was appalled by all things baby wasn’t the most considerate time. It was his fault. A bit more poker face from his end probably would have encouraged me less.

Either way, I tasted my breastmilk.

It’s sweet-tasting, mild, and warm. I can see why babies like it.

Should other people give your breastmilk a try?

Should you try your breastmilk?

Okay, so this one is an entirely personal preference.

While breastmilk is chock full of life-supporting and vital nutrients it won’t provide a curious consumer those benefits in a tiny sampling. (I have visions of Costco samplings in my head right now). It will, however, provide them with the satisfaction of know what breastmilk tastes like and possibly bring them back to an oddly euphoric infant memory for a brief moment.

You may get people who are (hopefully) close to you asking if they can try your breastmilk. Feel free to say “no”. Feel free to say “yes”. If you do say “yes” it’s wise to establish exactly how the exchange will be provided or you might find your BFF unlatching your nursing bra and going in for a nip.

Speaking of adult breastfeeding you may encounter an interesting conversation with your partner at some point throughout your breastfeeding career.

Adult Nursing Relationships (ANR) is a thing. While it can be non-sexual, the idea of suckling a person’s nipple for milk is very arousing to a group of people.

Let’s face it: your breasts are absolutely miraculously plump at the moment which may be turning your partner on. While some people are not thrilled about the fact that the reason for this enlargement is because your breasts are filled with milk, others are perfectly okay with either 1. not letting that knowledge get in the way of the pleasure they receive from them or 2. inspiring them to try new things with this newfound wonder.

If you catch some sideglances from your partner in your direction as you’re nursing your baby it may be worthwhile to just ask if they want to try (IF you’re okay with that. Obviously you are under no obligation. They’re still your breasts despite a tiny human’s attempts to lay ownership). If you’re okay with them trying your milk but nothing more stop it there. If you’re okay with carrying it to a different level then explore that!

You may be wondering why I’m bringing this up. I have encountered couples who engage in adult breastfeeding relationships and it’s entirely not out of the norm. Unfortunately, this idea of an adult breastfeeding relationship falls under the umbrella category of breastfeeding which already makes people uncomfortable and therefore less likely to talk about it.

The point is: if your partner brings this idea up or expresses an interest in and you’re not into it please be open-minded and non-judgemental with your approach to your “let-down”. (Okay, that last pun was horribly insensitive, but you know by now that I’m a punny pun lover).

It’s a natural curiosity to want to try breastmilk. Babies, toddlers, and children drink it. You can use it to heal wounds (oh yes, just spray some milk on a cut or diaper rash and those antibodies will get right to work). It can be made into ice cream, soap, and jewelry. Some bodybuilders pay big bucks for its nutritional value.

It’s called “liquid gold” for crying out loud. Who wouldn’t want to try that?

So, have you tried your breastmilk? Has anyone else tried your breastmilk? Let me know!

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