So, you’ve had all your conversations and got all your things…now it’s time to organize!

Organization is honestly one of the most helpful things you can do before your baby comes. Your brain is going to feel pretty scattered when you’re dealing with a newborn, and the sleep exhaustion isn’t going to help. You won’t feel like getting things in order when your baby comes so you may as well do it now while you have a tad more energy. 


prepare house for baby

Organizing your environment will help your mental health feel more at ease. 

Making sure that you’ve got the housework somewhat under control before your baby comes is key. Set aside a bit of time each day to tidy up and deep clean one thing. 

Over the last few weeks of your pregnancy use this list as a guide for how to set up and organize your house.

Two main things in that list that I want to elaborate on are freezer meals and diaper change/feeding stations. 

Diaper change/feeding stations

Keep a basket of diapers, wipes, and creams in every room in the house that you’re going to be changing your baby in. Trust me, you don’t want to get caught changing a diaper that you didn’t think was going to be that bad and then ending up needing an entire package of wipes to clean it up. 

Also, keep a basket of snacks, water, nipple cream, and a book wherever you’ll be feeding your baby so that you’re not stuck sitting down with your newborn, recovering from childbirth, and desperately needing a drink of water. 

Freezer meals

Do this!! Seriously!! 

Having the knowledge that dinner is already prepared will give you SO. MUCH. COMFORT. 

It doesn’t have to be something you necessarily deliberately set time aside for; if you’re making spaghetti sauce double the batch and freeze one half. That said, if you spend an entire day in the kitchen you could have a months worth of meals set out for you, ready to go. 

The thing about freezer meals is that they’re frozen, so it takes a tiny bit of planning on your part. 

Meal planning is a life saver. Download your weekly meal planner here. 

Keep track of what you’ll be eating each day of the week. You can look at this and take out meals from the freezer accordingly. Tack it somewhere where you’ll see it (and where others will see it and remember that they should be bringing you meals instead of you cooking for yourself!!)


To do:

-Open list of things to organize. Take this day by day but complete at least one thing every day.

-Maintain housework. Make a weekly calendar of things that need to be done around the house on top of basic tidying. 

-Make diaper changing baskets

-Make feeding baskets

-Plan some freezer meals. Schedule a day to make them. 

-Print out meal planner and plan for the first two weeks of meals after baby is born. 


“Hang on, I just need to delete some old photos” is not what you want to be saying as you go to take a photo of your baby’s first gassy smile. 

While you’re pregnant and not frantically trying to capture every moment go ahead and delete your old apps and photos. It may even be worthwhile to just go and get yourself an external memory card to plop in the phone. 

Now that you have all that room on your phone start setting it up with things you might need when your baby comes:

-White noise apps

-Social media apps to provide updates to family and friends

-Feeding tracking apps

-Amazon shopping:)

To do:

-Delete photos that you don’t need

-Delete apps that you don’t need

-Backup old photos

-Download apps that might be useful when baby come. You can delete them if you don’t use them. 


how to prepare your life for your baby

This is the time to get a few things organized in your life. 

First of all, your budget. We talked about this on Day 1, but it’s a pretty significant part of having a baby. 

Sit down, look at your budget, and figure out how long each person can stay off working out of the home, what your weekly food budget will look like (believe me, this is nice to know when you just can’t do the day and need to order pizza), what your total expenses are, and how much you can be putting away. 

Next, figure out the things that you’re going to need to get help with. This may be people coming to walk the dog or take the kids to school. We’ll get into talking to those people about these things tomorrow, but for now just figure out what some things you’re going to need help taking care of for a few weeks will be. Make sure to plan for around 6 weeks worth of help in case your body needs that long to recover (for example, if you have a cesarean). 

Make sure that all of your paperwork is in. If you need to get stuff applied for for maternity and paternity leave make sure it’s ready. Get insurance papers in order. Get banking information submitted. 

Lastly, get yourself prepared for one last hurrah!! It’s going to be a while before you don’t have a tiny person attached to you so you want to do all the things before they arrive. Go get that pedicure (even if you can’t see your toes), have a romantic dinner with your partner, go for a long walk, have amazing lights on, loud sex!

To do:

-Figure out budget

-Make a list of tasks that you’ll need help with after baby is born

-Tie up loose ends and do all those things you’ve been putting off

-Make a date to go enjoy some quiet time

That's all for today. Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out!
Tomorrow we'll explore how to get all this organizing done!