A magical unicorn. 

Just kidding…sort of.

You might feel like a postpartum doula is magical when she comes in to offer support and care for your new family. She will offer insight into daily care of a newborn, will help with light housekeeping, can monitor the new parent’s mental health, and can allow for an opportunity for the parents to get the rest that they need.

It is absolutely magical.

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What can you expect from me as your postpartum doula?

Non-judgement. A calm, intuitive presence. Skills that are current and inclusive. Humour and honesty. Passion and love.

I’m Sam, 

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing childbirth and life with a newborn four times. I have extensive firsthand knowledge, as well as formal Postpartum Doula training on how to care for new families.

I look forward to meeting you!

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