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Online Resources for Pregnant and New Moms

There are so many online resources for pregnant and new moms!

This Covid-19 Pandemic is really forcing us to appreciate the technology that we currently have. Many of the resources that we were once able to seek out locally have now become online resources, adding to a massive list of virtual services available!

It’s pretty amazing, actually!

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    Why consider online resources for pregnant and new moms?

    Right now we’re in a position where most of us aren’t straying far from home. If we are it’s to utilize “essential services”, such as grocery shopping and doctor appointments. While the resources that you require during pregnancy and the postpartum period are definitely, in my opinion, essential you can probably now find a lot of them online!

    Online resources for pregnant and new moms are just as informative and impactful as in-person, they’re just in a format that many of us aren’t used to utilizing (yet). Take a look below and see what things might be useful to you! I bet you’ll find something:) Some of these are free, some are paid, and some I am an affiliate for (which means that if you click on the link I may receive compensation at no cost to you).

    All resources are important, but online resources for pregnant and new moms are super important in our modern society! Check them out here!

    Let me know if there is something that needs to be added so that I can update this based on what you’re looking for!

    Online Resources for Pregnant Women

    Mental Health

    Postpartum Support International

    Omama mental health resource guide

    ThriveWell Online Counselling

    Nicole Chambers Counselling

    Prenatal Classes:

    Preparing to Feed Your Baby

    Mission Prenatal Birth Classes

    Ridge Meadows Childbirth Classes

    Babycentre Mini course

    Voyage Birth Prenatal Classes

    Hynobirthing Classes

    Porcupine Prenatal Class

    Prenatal Breastfeeding Class


    Prenatal Dance Class

    Prenatal Yoga Centre Prenatal yoga

    Bloom Online Prenatal Exercise

    StudioFitRx Online Exercise Program


    Healthcare Database

    Healthy Families

    General prenatal information:

    Preparing for your Baby prenatal course

    OHSU Nutrition During Pregnancy

    Meal Planning after Baby

    Buying for your baby

    Facebook groups:

    Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Newborn questions answered

    Pregnancy Corner

    First Time Pregnant Support

    Online Resources for New Moms

    Mental Health

    Postpartum Mental Health Support

    Postpartum Support International

    Smart Patients Online Support Group

    100 Days of…. Online Community

    RePose Online Counselling

    Nicole Chambers Counselling

    Postpartum Support

    Modern Day Hippie Mama virtual support

    Healthy Families

    Baby’s Best Chance


    Mama Nurse

    Breastfeeding Helpline

    La Leche League

    Medela Ask the LC

    Sleep Consultant

    Taking Cara Babies Sleep Consultant

    Chasing Sleep

    Little Wink Sleep

    Little Big Dreamers


    Mom and Baby yoga

    Little Adventures Company

    Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

    Fit4Mom Postnatal Classes

    General Postpartum

    How to Feed Your Baby Workshop

    TinyHood Postpartum Nutrition

    Safe Beginnings Infant CPR

    Class Central baby nutrition

    AuPair Care Nanny Help

    Positive baby clothes

    Easy Meal Prep

    Facebook Groups

    Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Newborn Questions Answered

    New Moms, Moms to be, and Experienced Moms

    New and First Time Mommy Support Group

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