No, kids, you can’t use my email…you can use THIS instead

email just for kids

*This post has been sponsored, however, all views portrayed are entirely my own.

You guys should know by now, what with my stories about yoga class misadventures and my views on birth control, that I’m a pretty open book. I use the toilet with an audience (okay, actually, that one isn’t entirely by choice), I frequent the nude beach, and announce to warn the world that I’ve got my period.

Having kids has definitely decreased my level of modesty, but I still have some parts of my life that I’d prefer to remain private. My phone is a “NO KID” zone because it contains all of my private information: naked photos I’ve sent to that guy I live with (just kidding, he’s not that lucky), private conversations I’ve had via text message, and my emails.

My kids don’t need to see that stuff.

It’s not like I have anything terribly personal locked away in my virtual inbox, but I just feel like it’s mine. Do you know what I feel like is mine anymore? Not a whole lot.

When my 9 year old asked if she could use my email account to email one of her friends recently I told her there was no way, but asked her how she felt about having her OWN email address. She was pumped at the idea!

Her and I went to so her and I could set up an email address. She was given the choice of using or (she chose the latter, because…big kids). She then got to customize her background with cool designs and drawings.

personalized kid's email

Personalization- Mom style.

I was given the ability to create numerous safety settings to do with her email account: Do I want her to only be able to email those on the contact list that her and I create? Did I want a copy sent to my email of her incoming and outgoing emails? Is it alright to have links, photos, and attachments in her incoming emails? Can she receive emails with profanity?

Her and I discussed what would work for the both of us so that she would have the privacy she requires and I would have the peace of mind that I require. She understands that I have full control of her email account and if necessary I can limit her use and specify exactly when in the day she can use it. She also understands that if rules aren’t followed I have the full capability to “ground” her from her account for a set amount of time or a set date. We will both be happy if things are done within the boundaries and she remains open and honest with me if there are any problems. I can monitor her emails as I see necessary, so if there are any concerns I have full access to everything she has written or received.

We live in a day and age where technology is the main source of communication. I don’t want to hide my children from that, but I also don’t want to send them into that big, virtual world on their own. Having a product that provides parents with a bit more control helps make the tough aspects of parenting a little easier. Giving the children freedom to explore while still being able to guide them through is truly the best of both the technological and the real world!



  1. Kathy Pardell

    I thoroughly agree. If we are not watching out for our kids, who will? The way that I see it is that they have their whole lives to catch up onto new technologies ( which is rapidly changing) but not much time to develop an imagination-which is something that is required in order to be successful nowadays. Imagination fueled creative giants like Zuckerberg and Jobs.
    I love sites that are specifically designed for kids such as kidblogs. But it is still up to us parents to help them navigate safety waters and provide a balance between tech and good old fashioned toys.

    1. Admin (Post author)

      Absolutely! I find as a parent it’s hard to find that balance, but having these websites available makes such a big difference!

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