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Motherhood NEEDS sisterhood. Here’s how we make that happen…

Mothering is a tough bitch.

Some of us are having a hard time.  Some of us feel like we’re going to lose our minds on a daily hourly basis. Some of us try so damn hard day in and day out, yet still feel endless guilt about the way we dealt with our 2-year-old’s tantrum over not being able to eat all the cookies in the box (calling her an asshole behind her back wasn’t the best strategy but it sure made us feel good). Some of us have a hard time trying to maintain composure when we’re at our wits end. Some of us have a hard time keeping up with basic hygiene, let alone get ourselves looking put together every day. Some of us are doing the best job that we can do.

Some of you don’t seem to have this problem. Some of you seem to know exactly how to handle every situation. Some of your children never seem to misbehave. Some of you can seem to manage your children while keeping a perfect house. Some of you never seem to have any challenges. Some of you never seem to make mistakes. Some of you seem to be 100% perfect.

Some of you don’t seem to know how to keep opinions about some of our parenting to yourselves…

Guess what?

Some of US don’t want to hear it.

Mothering is exhausting. We are tirelessly trying to find out what works best for our children and our family. No matter what we decide to do, it’s wrong according to someone, and it’s extremely challenging to come to any sort of conclusion. That’s why, when we do finally reach a decision, it’s SO ANNOYING to receive unsolicited advice from some of you.

It’s not hard to get out of the “Some Of You” club. All you have to do is follow this one simple rule: Keep It To Yourself (K.I.T.Y). Seriously, unless you’re asked for your opinion it’s probably not necessary to give it. Unless you’re commending us on our attempts to be good parents or expressing solidarity during these tricky times…SOME OF US DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT.

Children are a powerful force. We will never be able to conserve enough energy to properly raise them to the best of our abilities if we are wasting our time and strength working against one another. If we help boost each other’s confidence rather than deflate it we WILL help give each other the tools to create a more productive generation. We have a choice. Do we choose to show empathy with a smile to another Mom who just yelled at her her screaming toddler because it’s probably her fifth fight of the morning and they’re both exhausted? Do we show nurturing by offering a seat to a Mom who needs to give their baby a bottle because it’s none of our business how anyone chooses to feed their child?  Or are we judgemental with dirty looks and off-hand remarks towards the Mom who is on her phone while her kids play at the park regardless of what she’s looking at?

We can choose to be divided or we can choose to be unified.

We should be in this together. We HAVE to be in this together. Motherhood needs Sisterhood.

It won’t take much to keep the peace. Simply relax, have a glass of wine (because you deserve it, Mama) and  if you don’t have anything nice to say: K.I.T.Y.


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