how to make a yummy mayan mocha

How to make a hot and spicy Mayan Mocha

There seems to be this idea floating around that Moms like coffee.

That’s the wrong idea.

The truth is: Moms love coffee.

No, wait. Allow me to rephrase that. Moms NEED coffee.

Let’s face it. We don’t sleep. We’re run ragged off our feet day in and day out. Our children drain us emotionally and physically. We are exhausted!

We know that copious amounts of coffee isn’t our only means of alleviating our feelings of tiredness, but it just tastes so damn good.

Now, the following recipe for a delicious Mayan Mocha may be a little more work than usual to enjoy a cup of cold coffee, but I promise it’s worth it, especially if you manage to give it a try hot! Keep this recipe handy on those particularly grey, cold, dreary days when the kids are driving you crazy and you deserve an extra few moments to do something for yourself to enjoy!

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how to make a mayan mocha

This recipe is completely customizable. If you like a little more spice in your Mayan Mocha add some extra cayenne (*Note: If you’ve handled the cayenne pepper do be careful to avoid touching any areas of your body before you wash your hands; particularly your eyes!) If you’re already feeling a little frazzled-which is understandable, Mom- add a little less espresso or choose decaf. If your day is particularly unbearable you could even exchange one of the ounces of strong coffee for an ounce of something even a bit stronger.

Make sure to hide in the laundry room while you enjoy your yummy Mayan Mocha! You can get at least a few sips of spicy hot liquid life in before your kids find you!

What do you think? How do you like a Mayan Mocha?


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