Is your sex life struggling since you had kids?

Do you find yourself wondering:

  • Why am I never in the mood?
  • How can I have sex when I'm so tired?
  • Is sex going to hurt since I've given birth?

There are three elements of sex that need to be addressed in order to make sure you’re having the best sex:


Learn about when you can have sex after having a baby, when you shouldn't have sex, and common issues that women experience with sex after having a baby.

These are the best sex positions for parents


Gain understanding into the emotional shifts that can occur after having a baby and how it can impact your sex life. 

a plea to the struggling mom


Your brain is your biggest sex organ.  Get insight into issues that many couples struggle with and how to successfully overcome them.

Let's talk about sex (after having a baby)

A book about sex after birth

So much of the information out there surrounding sex after having a baby focuses on the physical aspect of it. While that’s an important piece it’s not the only one. 

"Let's talk about sex (after having a baby)" goes into the three main components of your sex life: 




You’ll also learn about common challenges that couples have, solutions to those challenges, and some sexy homework that you can put into use TONIGHT.

sex after giving birth

Sam Palmer resides in beautiful British Columbia with her 4 fantastic and fierce daughters, that guy she lives with, a wonderful Pitbull, and two beta fish. 

She’s a trained Postpartum Doula and has a passion for helping mothers through their journey-’cause it ain’t an easy one! She helps them one on one in their homes and also online through her blog

You deserve a better sex life!

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