ways to keep your house clean and organized

5 simple ways to keep your house clean and organized

Life with kids: Fun (mostly).

Cleaning up life with kids: Not so fun (always).

You could spend your entire day cleaning up the effects of the tornado- El Yourkidso- that swept through the house. Unfortunately, you have other jobs like cook for them, chauffeur them around, help them with homework, etc.

You don’t have all day to get your house clean, but finding ways to make it a little tidier would give you a major sigh of relief.

How to keep your house clean

Get your kids to clean up after themselves

Your one-year-old who just dumped the toys out of the bin? She can 100% clean them up, too. Your 3 and 6-year-olds who just spent an hour coloring at the table? They can 100% clean that up, too. Your 10-year-old who just sat in her room for an hour contemplating how she was going to ride out her teen years? She can clean that up, too.

Y’all are one big family. Working together is an absolute must if you want to be one big HAPPY family, and that means making sure everyone’s pitching in to keep the house clean. Explain to your kids that them cleaning up after themselves and participating in daily chores will allow you to have more time to do other things, like hang out with them, take them for a hike,  or put them in front of a movie while you get some much needed quiet time.

If that doesn’t work, bribe them with their Halloween candy that you’ve hidden.

Keep your kitchen clean

Dishes are daunting. They super suck. However, if you get your kitchen clean-dishes done, counters wiped, leftovers growing green hair and starting to move out of the fridge- you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. There may be crumbs all over the floor and a box of toys dumped in the middle of the floor -thanks 1 year-old- but your clean counters will at least give the illusion of a more clean area. Plus, when you go to make them food again, for the fiftieth freakin’ time this hour, you won’t have a mess to battle and contribute to.


Give yourself a cleaning schedule

Write down all the chores that you want to get done in a week to keep your house clean. Make a big list on a piece of paper and then delegate each task to a specific day. Keep your schedule tacked up somewhere you can refer to it. Try and only give yourself one or two things to do a day, or else it will seem overwhelming. You’ve got a lot on the go other than cleaning up-give yourself some grace and don’t expect too much.

Keep some excuses handy

C’mon. We all know that as lovely as it would be to keep up with all this cleaning stuff it’s likely that you’re going to get behind at some point. That point will be when your ever-judgemental mother-in-law shows up at your door unannounced (even though she’s a 3-hour drive away and had plenty of time to call…). You had no idea you were expecting company and didn’t have time to prepare accordingly – a.k.a. find multiple spots to shove all your random stuff and then clean the urine off the base of the toilet. Invite your unexpected company in your “lived in” house while keeping a few of these handy responses nice and close. If you’ve futilely used every explanation-twice-hint at how nice and clean the Howard Johnson in town is.

Lose your shit!

Literally. Minimize the amount of stuff you actually have to clean up. Do you really need two coffee makers? Ok, actually, yes…but do you really need a backup corkscrew? Ugh. Such terrible examples.

Try and really contemplate what you have and what you need. Getting rid of toys the kids don’t play with or clothes you haven’t worn since you wore things like acid washed jeans and scrunchies* will help clear your mind. Sign up for “LOSE YOUR SHIT to calm your mind” course for easy to follow instructions on exactly how to take the steps to reduce the clutter in your house!

*If you wear things like acid washed jeans and scrunchies give me a shout out. I’m pretty sure you’re my new MILFF (that means Mom I’d Like to Friend on Facebook)!!


We’ve all heard jokes about getting so fed up with our messy houses that we should just burn it down and start again. That seems a little wasteful and dangerous. Simply find a new house to live in and start from scratch. Or, you know, try out these suggestions to keep your house clean and see if it can save your abode-but not so safe your mother-in-law feels at home enough to spend a few nights.

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