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Is your partner a sexy dad?

There were things about your partner that you found incredibly sexy before you had kids. They were most likely the physical things like his hair, his eyes, the way his butt looks in tight jeans that made you want to jump his bones all the time.

Then, ya got pregnant and had a baby.

Suddenly his hair has become a reminder of yours that is constantly going down the shower drain, his eyes are infuriatingly not nearly as bloodshot as yours, and his cute butt still fits into his pre-pregnancy jeans (that bastard).

To the average passerby, your husband is a sexy piece of man, but when it comes to winning you over he can no longer rely on the flash of his charming smile to woo you now that you’re entrenched in motherhood; exhausted, overwhelmed, and covered in another human’s bodily fluids (not the good kind).

Physical appearance, while still maybe a factor in your attraction to your partner, is not everything that determines if your husband is a sexy dad or not.

Is your partner a sexy dad?

He might have a great smile….but will he cook dinner?

He might have the best hair…but will he carry the baby?

He might have beautiful eyes…but will he clean the bathroom?

He might have a smokin’ bod…but will he make sure to get photos of you with the kids?

He may have a super cute butt…but will he take the kids for the day?

He might have flawless skin…but will he do midnight wake-ups with the baby?

As you can see from your reaction to the sexy, SEXY dads above your priorities have probably changed a bit since having a baby. Once upon a time, a man wearing nothing but fitted Levi’s and a cowboy hat was what got you hot and heavy, but now seeing your man putting the Ergo on has the same effect.

Just as he tells you how the time how sexy you are (and damn, mama, you are!!) make sure to reciprocate. It’s not easy being a Dad, especially not a sexy one.

Wait until the kids are asleep, throw the pile of unfolded laundry from the bed to the floor, and have wildly passionate under the blanket, lights off, quiet as a mouse parent sex!

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