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Is social media improving your life?

*Yo, if you don’t like profanity this may not be the thing for you to read. I mean, I think I make a pretty decent point, but I also think I really enjoy f-bombs when they help me make that point stronger.

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social media


Social media can be a real mother fucker.

Never-ending opinions, latest research findings, and all the things mothers “should” be doing are constantly being thrown in their faces via the world of social media. Whether it’s clickbait headlines on Facebook newsfeeds or pictures of perfection filling peers and influencers Instagram accounts- it’s affecting mothers.

Some of the material is innocent and legitimate. Some of it is intentionally fear-provoking and senseless. Nonetheless, it’s fucking mothers up.

It’s fucking mothers up to think that they are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

It’s fucking mothers up by making them terrified to speak up online for fear of judgment.

It’s fucking mothers up by making them think we are under constant scrutiny and are one step away from a misunderstanding going viral.

It’s fucking mothers up to make them believe that we have to assimilate to the ways of the current trend or it could be detrimental to our child.

It’s fucking mothers up by making them question every single thing we do as parents, and instead of following our instincts we follow our news feed.

Social media is a part of our lives. It’s difficult near impossible to escape but there are ways to reduce the effect that this mother fucker has:

Take things with a grain of salt.

Everyone has an opinion. Yours is the only one that matters. Seriously consider the source of the opinion and assess whether or not it has any value for you.

You asked an innocent question in a Facebook group. Now, you’re being labeled a “bad mother” because of someone’s ignorant interpretation of your inquiry.

Does Sally from Timbuktu know you or your child? Noppers! Forget her. She’s got bigger problems of her own. Guaranteed.  

Ignore the trolls.

Troll/noun/(in present-day lore): a person who has way too much time on their hands who watches for any conversation that he/she can jump into with a controversial and usually judgemental viewpoint. The purpose of their engagement is merely to start arguments and make other people feel awful. Ignore these people. 

Be conscientious of the time you spend on social media

Don’t get sucked into the deep, dark time-sucking world of scrolling. Avoid joining groups where negativity and condescension are the norm amongst the participants. Social media is supposed to bring together community and allow insight into the lives of your friends and family. Using it for its virtuous purpose will reduce any risk of heartache you may encounter.

Be mindful of your own actions

You completely open yourself up to vulnerability when you post anything on your profile. It’s easy to get into the habit of thinking before you speak, but try and get into the habit of thinking before you type, too. While a verbal mix up is usually somewhat rectifiable screenshots of your recent public rant have the potential to haunt you for much longer.


Social media is the biggest tool of our time. Its potential to influence is insurmountable and needs to be highly regarded for its power.

With its flaws, it has its benefits. It brings people together. It allows active communication amongst friends, family, and acquaintances. It opens gateways for creativity and inspiration. It provides people with an opportunity to live within and outside of themselves through self-expression.

Focus on those positives.

Show empathy and support online. Offer advice only when it is asked for.

Be encouraging. Be kind.


Be a part of the mother fucking change.

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