How to tie a stretchy baby wrap

How to tie a stretchy baby wrap

When it comes to things you CANNOT live without after you’ve had a baby, a stretchy baby wrap is high on my list.

It gives you an opportunity to give your baby the closeness that they so desire during the fourth trimester while giving you free hands to do whatever it is that you need to do.

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    You can wear a stretchy baby wrap overtop of your shirt or put it on shirtless and put your nearly naked (only diapered) baby inside to maximize skin to skin. You can read all about why I recommend baby wearing your newborn in this post.

    Of all the things that you need for your newborn a stretchy baby wrap is high on the list. Here's how to use one!

    While a stretchy baby wrap is a fantastically wonderful tool in the world of motherhood it does takes some getting used to. It’s essentially a really long piece of stretchy fabric that you wrap around your body and then put your baby into. It’ll seem difficult at first, but I promise you that it will get easier the more times you use it!

    I recommend the Solly Baby stretchy wrap. There are loads of colours and patterns to choose from and they’re sustainably sourced and made in the USA! You can use my affiliate link here to get yours!

    How to tie a stretchy baby wrap

    Find the middle of your wrap. You can do this by grabbing the two ends and then finding the other end.
    There is often an indicator in the middle of the wrap, such as a logo or tag. You can use this as a guide. Place the middle about 3” above your belly button.
    Bring the pieces behind your back and cross it over.
    Being careful not to twist the material, bring the pieces over your shoulders to the front.
    Gather the pieces in front of you.
    Put them UNDERNEATH the front pieces that goes over your belly.
    Grab the pieces so that they’re apart from one another.
    Cross those pieces.
    Bring them behind you and cross.
    Bring to the front and tie. You’ve tied your wrap! Now, it’s time to put your baby in.
    Put your baby on your shoulder.
    Put one of their legs under the piece that’s coming over top of your shoulder.
    Fan out the material so that it covers the top of your baby.
    Do the same thing on the other side.
    Fan out the material on both sides.
    Bring the front flap part that was over your belly (that you put the shoulder pieces underneath of) over top of your baby.
    Make sure your baby’s head is turned so they can breathe. (Check out T.I.C.K.S. below)
    There you have it! That’s how you tie a stretchy baby wrap!

    You can also check out this video on how to do it here.

    Remember T.I.C.K.S. once you have your baby in the carrier:

    TIGHT-Is the carrier snug enough to keep your baby secure?

    IN VIEW-Can you see your baby’s face?

    CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS-Can you lean down and kiss your baby’s head?

    KEEP CHIN OFF CHEST– Make sure that your baby’s air passage isn’t restricted by keeping a two fingers width between their chin and chest

    SUPPORTED-Your baby’s back should be supported and uncurled. Try pressing gently into their back and make sure that their position doesn’t get closer to you or uncurl once you release.

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