self care ideas for pregnant moms

Thank you so much for signing up for this course on how to prepare for your baby’s arrival. 

While you’re here I wanted to remind you that while it’s important to get ready to take care of your baby it’s also SO important that you’re taking care of yourself, too. That’s why I’m including 50 self care ideas for pregnant moms below. Make sure you choose some of these things to give yourself a little TLC. 

Go for a walk

Lay in the sun (not for too long and make sure to suncreen up!)

Drink water

Eat healthy foods

Eat small, frequent meals

Do some gardening


Watch a movie from start to finish

Take a prenatal class

Do prenatal yoga

Sit on a birth ball and bounce gently

Do some adult colouring

Get some succulent plants


Paint your toenails while you can. When you can’t reach get someone else to do it.

Get a pregnancy massage

Make a playlist for your labour

Make some freezer meals for after your baby arrives

Start a journal to document your pregnancy

Take a bath


Buy some of the essential items you’ll need for baby

Get some nursing tanks

Eat an ice cream cone

Get your hair done

Get a scented lotion so your partner can give you a foot massage:)

Put flowers in a vase in the kitchen


Exercise (talk to your midwife or doctor first)

Drink some sparkling apple juice out of a wine glass 

Go see a movie with lots of swearing and violence in it!

Get dressed up for no reason

Start a bullet journal

Read a book that’s not about pregnancy

Have a quiet cup of tea

Cuddle with your partner

Have coffee with a friend

Create some birth affirmation cards 

Do something crafty

Watch the sunset

Find other expecting mama friends

Go on a date

Shut off your phone for an hour or two

Give yourself a manicure

Play a board game with a friend

Go to a museum or art gallery

Spend a night away

Tell yourself “I love you” and really mean it!

Make your favourite dinner

Light a candle

Get a printable version of this list here. 

Take care of yourself and I’ll see you in the course!

xo Sam