You may know a thing or two about how people work, but babies are a whole new ballgame. 

While a lot of learning about your baby comes with living with her and finding out her cues, body language, cries, and personality there are a few things that you can brush up on before your baby comes to give you a better understanding of what you’re going through and what they’re going through in the first few months. 

how to prepare for baby breastfeeding

Unlike in the movies where a baby immediately latches on to the breast and things go swimmingly well, reality usually looks a little different. 

Breastfeeding is a learned process. You’re learning it and your baby is learning it. While it’s a natural occurrence, it does take some practice. 

To do:

-Understand the process of breastmilk.

-Watch a YouTube video on how to get a good latch. This one is my favorite. 

-Start collecting colostrum now, while you’re pregnant! Yep, watch the video here about hand expression and give it a try. You can collect colostrum in syringes to give to your baby after birth. 

-Learn different positions to breastfeed in. 

-Find out which local resources are available for help with breastfeeding in case you need it (La Leche League, Public Health Unit, Lactation Consultants, Breastfeeding groups, etc.)

Each baby’s behavior is unique to them, however there are some things that you’re going to need to look for in your baby. 

These include things like responses to sounds, ability to make certain movements, and general coordination. A guideline like this is helpful. 

Milestones can also help you better understand what might be happening in your baby’s world when it comes to things like sleep regression, nursing strikes, and teething. 

To do:

-Find out what things you might be experiencing with your baby based on their age. 

1 in 7 women, and 1 in 10 men are diagnosed with Postpartum Depression.

There is no definitive cause for Postpartum Depression and it does not have any bias. While there are certain factors that increase the chances of you suffering from it, it can affect everyone. 

To do:

-Find out the symptoms of Postpartum Depression in women and in men.

-Find what resources are available locally and nationally for help in case you or your partner experience symptoms.

how to prepare for your baby newborn care

On top of everything else you need to learn about your new baby and your life as a new parent, you also have to learn general care!

There are a lot of things that come naturally to new parents and a lot of things that are learned from watching others. Things like bathing your baby, feeding, dressing, taking baby out, what different poop consistency means, diapering, and babywearing are all part of a whole new world for parents!

MANY new parents feel overwhelmed by not knowing exactly what to do with their newborn and quite often need some guidance into how to take care of their new baby. 

To do:

Get on the waitlist for my upcoming course: “How to take care of your newborn” to learn about all the things listed above, and more!


I hope you’re feeling empowered and confident as you approach the next stage in your journey as a new mother. Preparing is a huge step in this process and I’m so glad that you involved me in this. 

Keep checking back for more information on newborns and your life during this postptartum period. I update my website frequently with current, honest, and relatable information so you can enjoy this stage of motherhood to the full extent. 

I look forward to hearing more from you, Mama!