How to make life with a newborn easier

How to make life with a newborn easier

The Hippie Mama part of me loves to promote shopping local, ethically, and eco-minded, however, the “I want to make life with a newborn” part of me says that taking advantage of 2020 technology is where it’s at.

Also, taking advantage of your friendly Postpartum Doula and her sage advice about organization while you’re waiting for your baby to arrive is where it’s at, too!

make life with a newborn easier by organizing

Once upon a pre-Amazon time, women had to prepare every little thing while they were pregnant to get ready for life with a newborn. There are certain things you NEED TO BUY to get ready when you’re pregnant:

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Things you need to buy to make life with a newborn easier:

postpartum care items

-a few things for your baby to wear

A WRAP (You all know how I feel about babywearing in those first few weeks)

-A place for baby to sleep if you’re not planning on bed sharing (the one below is a very reputable brand)

versatile cosleeper arms reach
Image credit: Arm’s Reach

While those are a few of the items that you’re going to need to buy while you’re pregnant there are a few things you NEED TO DO while you’re pregnant to make life with a newborn easier.

Things you need to do to prepare for your newborn:

Have conversations with your partner regarding breast vs bottle feeding, if co-sleeping is a consideration, what your first week will look like in terms of your partner taking time off work, etc.

Put your pre-pregnancy clothes in a box in the back of the closet so that you’re not tempted to try them on a week post-birth (you’ll try and it’ll suck). Your tummy isn’t going to go down for a few weeks and there’s no sense in wearing anything other than cozy maternity clothes or sweatpants.

-Hire your birth and postpartum doulas

Find out resources in your local area that can provide you with help in breastfeeding, mental health, and that offer groups for you to attend to meet other mamas with your baby.

Get Amazon Prime

Okay, so back to the “I want to make life with a newborn part of me says that taking advantage of 2020 technology is where it’s at.”

Hypothetical but highly plausible situation: You decide that you want to breastfeed. You don’t need anything fancy for breastfeeding other than perhaps a pretty nursing bra.

You give breastfeeding a try for a few days and decide that breastfeeding really isn’t your thing but that you’d like to still give your baby breastmilk. You’ll breastfeed until you get a pump but after that you’d like to give your baby bottles

Now, you need a breast pump, breastmilk storage bags, bottles, and sterilizing equipment. However, your lochia flow is still heavy, your breasts are engorged, the bags under your eyes are frightening, and you do not feel like going out.

Enter: Technology of 2020.

You hop over to your phone, order a breast pump, and have it delivered to your house within a day or two. In the meantime, you head over to YouTube and spend some time watching tutorials on effective ways of pumping with the product you’ve selected and catch up on Amazon Prime Video while eating one of the many dishes that has been delivered to you by loving friends and family.

The point is that even when you preplan all the things you need for having a baby (which, really isn’t actually that much) plans might change.

There’s no point in buying all of this baby gear when you’re pregnant if you never end up using it. Nowadays it’s easy enough to press a button and get things that you need to make life with a newborn easier delivered right to your door.

Before you sign up for Amazon Prime make sure you sign up to receive 5 more genius ways to make life with a newborn easier. These are things you can do when you’re pregnant that will help make this transition time a little less complicated.

Less complicated=more baby snuggle time. We all want more of that!!

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