how to make a scary healthy yogurt barfait

How to make a scary healthy yogurt “Barf”ait

It’s Halloween!

You know your kids are going to be loading up on the most sugar they’ve had since Easter-and you’re terrified. You know that witches and goblins aren’t the scariest part of Halloween.  You’ve dealt with a 4 year old who’s just been given a sack-A SACK-of candy that you’re now insisting gets delegated to them when you deem appropriate. The most appropriate time, according to a 4 year old, is always, so you’re entangled in a constant battle of wills until their Halloween candy rapidly dwindles because:

a) you’ve had late night cravings


b) you’ve been using it as a bribery tool to get them to eat their brocolli.

Now, if you’re a modern day hippie mama (are you??) you’re cool with them having some sugary treats, but you’d like to sneak in some healthy foods to balance everything out a bit.

Start the day with a little Halloween fun for breakfast. It’s jam packed with nutritious foods and will keep them filled with energy while they’re at school enjoying their class parties (but not so nutrient dense that they’ll have energy to fight you after trick-or-treating is all said and done)!

Healthy yogurt “barf”ait


-French Vanilla yogurt

-Spirullina powder (or any greens powder)

-Frozen raspberries or raspberry/strawberry jam

-Chia seeds




  1. Mix enough yogurt with a small amount of spirullina powder and 1 tbsp of chia seeds so that it will fill the bottom 2/3 of your jar/cup/bowl-whatever you’re using. This will make the troll snot speckled with bat eyes.
  2. Crumble the frozen raspberries and create a layer, or do the same with the jam. This is lizard’s blood.
  3. Make a layer of blueberries to represent Cyclops poop.
  4. Spring some granola on top to create witch dandruff.

Make sure to save this to Pinterest so you can find it next year, too!

How to make a scary healthy yogurt barfait

Print out this label so the kids know exactly what’s in it!



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