fun car games to play

Great car games you can play with your kids

Who needs knowledge of car games? Every single parent.

In one month, the government will be implementing a poll for all parents who drive children under the ages of 10. They want to determine whether or not driving with children under the ages of 10 will fall into the category of distracted driving. If it is determined that it is, indeed, distracting to have children in the vehicle,  there will be a law enforced that will dictate that only one child be in the vehicle at one time.

Obviously, this isn’t true, but my children don’t know that. The fighting in the back seat, the screaming at the top of their lungs, the constant struggle for space that isn’t there.

I get it. It sucks to be strapped into a seat while Mom drives you 4 million hours to get to the grocery store, but it kinda has to happen (especially if public transit or walking isn’t an option)!

A solution to distracted driving

Generally, kids aren’t terribly receptive to Mom blaring her 90’s hits and insisting that they belt out the tunes with her. In fact, it’s possible (somehow?!) that it actually just contributes to the tension in the vehicle.

In order to combat distracted driving caused by your children in the vehicle, you need to do a little distracting of your own. Take their minds off their sister’s foot creeping over to their side of the van with these super simple, super fun car games that even you’ll enjoy!

great car games to play

Fun car games

The license plate game

This works best in cities. Take the letters in the license plate and create a sentence by combining words that start with those letters. For example:

License plate: TBR 392

Sentence: This Blog Rocks

Get creative, but insist that the sentence actually makes sense!

The number game

Find numbers from 0-9 on license plates.


Choose a category (animals, food, sports, etc.) and name one of those things for each letter of the alphabet.

Going on a road trip

Sorry, Mom. This one requires a great deal of thinking and memory.

Start off by explaining that someone’s going on a road trip. They need to pack their trunk with items that begin with all letters of the alphabet. Person one says something that begins with the letter “A”. Person two says something that begins with the letter “B” but then also repeats what the “A” word was. This continues with all letters of the alphabet with each person repeating all the previous items that are in the trunk.

The sign game

Working together or independently in a fierce competition find words on signs that go in order of each letter of the alphabet. Alternatively, you could do the same for each letter in a person’s name.

Would you rather…

Of course, this isn’t going to be like you played in high school. It’s going to be a lot cleaner…or grosser. Start off slow: Would you rather have to listen to Mom’s music for the rest of your life or Opera music? Once you can see that you’re starting to lose them bring out the gross guns: Would you rather eat your sister’s boogers or wear the same underwear for three days in a row?

The color game

Go through the colors of the rainbow and find an item for each color.

20 questions

Take turns thinking of an object, place, or person. The other players have to ask you “yes” or “no” questions to figure out what it is.


When you drive by a house make up a story about who lives in there. What do they like to do? What does the inside of the house look like? What are their jobs?


Take turns telling a story one sentence at a time.



Those car games should keep your kids busy for a bit. At the very least it’ll give them something different to fight about other than the usual. If they start to deviate from the games and retort back to their normal fighting you can up the ante a bit and explain that the loser of the car games has to walk home.

That’ll probably work.



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