help your kids get warm this winter

Fun ways for your kids to get warm this winter

Ah, winter time with kids. The time when you have loads of fun freezing your buns off and just as much fun while you get warm! Winter time fun often goes something like this:

Gloves: Check

Toque (Yep-Canadian girl over here): Check

Snow boots: Check

Complicated contraption that one calls a “snow suit” that takes an hour to put on and barely allows child to move: Check

Said child having to pee once complicated contraption has successfully been put on their body: Check

Playing outside in the snow is fun. Most of the time. You spend a ridiculous amount of time looking for matching gloves and making sure they’re super bundled and warm. Then, they go outside, spend 15 minutes in the cold, white stuff and decide that they’re freezing. You insist they stay out longer, but those big puppy dog eyes are convincing you that maybe this time they actually are freezing-even though deep down you know you’ve just been played. Part of their desire to come back in the house may be because they’re actually turning into icicles, but it’s more likely that they have an inkling of what’s available inside to get warm:

Best ways to get warm

Hot Chocolate

Duh. This is a kiddos favorite way to get warm. There are some GREAT recipes here for you to make your own hot chocolate. Don’t forget about yourself, Mama- there’s some great *ahem* adult beverages in that list, too.

Movies, pajamas, and blankets

Get out the biggest, fluffiest, warmest blankets off the beds. Get everyone into their coziest pajamas and snuggle up. Put on a movie or two and get warm!

Do some baking

Oven on=more heat. Get the kids involved in baking some treats. You can find loads of healthy (and some not-so-healthy-but-marvellously-delicious) treats on Pinterest!

Have a bubble bath

Like, an ultra bubble bath. Put enough in there that they can make some rad bubble hair dos and bubble mustaches. They can get warm in the tub while they use their imaginations!

Did someone say “DANCE PARTY”???

Work up a sweat while getting warmed up. Alternate between a song they love and a song you love- if you have to tolerate one of todays best hits they should have to tolerate a 90’s best hit. Fair’s fair.


After the kids are snuggled in their beds and fast asleep, make sure you get warm with your partner😉


What are your favorite ways to get warm with the kids??

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