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How to dress baby for winter

As the cold weather approaches you’re going to need to know how to dress baby for winter!

Learning how to dress baby is yet just another one of those things that are in that manual that we DON’T get when your baby is born. However, there is a bit of a science to it to make sure that your sweet bundle is warm enough in these colder months.

How to dress baby for winter

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Step 1:

Dress your baby as you would any other day. If you’re putting baby in a dress make sure they have thick tights underneath.

Pants and a onesie are ideal (with long sleeves if it’s super cold) when you’re going to dress baby for winter as they are warmest and easiest to have under a bunting suit.

Make sure your baby has socks on! You lose a lot of heat through your feet and with a baby it most certainly is not neat (okay, I forced the rhyme on that one a bit. What I’m saying is: keep your baby’s feet warm so their body will stay warm). The same goes for a toque: you lose a lot of heat through your head, too.

Learning how to dress baby for winter is another one of those things that's in the manual that we DON'T get when they're born. Here's how to do it!

Step Two:

If it’s not terribly cold outside you can throw a jacket, pair of booties, and a toque on your baby before going out. When they’re in the car seat you can have a breathable blanket on them, too, which will keep them nice and warm.

Check-in periodically to make sure they don’t get too warm as the car heats up. In fact, if you’re able to and time allows try and warm up the car before you put your baby in so that there’s no need for extra blankets.

If it IS terribly cold outside and/or you’re going to be taking your baby out of the car seat you’re going to want to increase the warm clothing you put on baby.

When you dress baby for winter it’s nice to have a bunting suit for super cold days or days you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. These suits range from warm fleece to ones filled with down. Some of them can be really bulky, so avoid those if you’re putting baby in the car seat or stroller, however, if you do have a bulky one you can put your baby in it when you arrive at your destination or you can get one specifically made for car seats.

Most of the time these little bunting suits will have the ability to overlap the material on the feet and hands. This is a great option to keep little extremities warm. If yours doesn’t have that option make sure to put your baby in some booties and mittens, as well as a hat.

Things to remember:

-When you’re dealing with how to dress baby for winter remember that there are a lot of layers involved. If you go somewhere indoors peel back one of those layers so that baby doesn’t overheat. The same goes for in the car, especially if you’re traveling long distances.

Babywearing will help with keeping baby (and you) warm. Babies seem to be heat generators, so keeping them nice and close will keep everyone feeling nice and toasty. You can find add-ons that go nicely with brands like Ergo that attach directly to the Ergo and act as a jacket or blanket to keep both of you protected from the elements.

-Bring a blanket with you wherever you go. You may think you’ve got baby dressed warm and snug but then a super cold wind hits. It’s nice to have an extra layer that you can put in the car seat or wrap around your baby in the carrier.

Don’t let cold weather deter you from heading outside with your baby. It’s important for them and for you to get out of the house, even when inclement weather hits. If you’re looking for tips on how to take your baby outdoors to do activities check out Little Adventures Co. for tips from two moms who do it all the time!

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