Have you ever considered going to pelvic floor physiotherapy? You'll be surprised to find out who can benefit from going!

Do you need pelvic floor physiotherapy?

There are a few things that don’t get talked about enough when it comes to birth and motherhood:


– -fundal massage

postpartum mood disorders


-pooping while giving birth

-post-breastfeeding breasts

-the feeling of a bowling ball coming out of your vagina as a result of your child destroying your body during pregnancy and birth

That last one, though.

If your pelvic floor was weakened during your childbearing process you know exactly what I’m talking about. If your pelvic floor stayed entirely intact throughout the whole thing you may not be able to sympathize, however, you still need to be aware for future reference and to pass along the following information to fellow mamas.

Who needs pelvic floor physiotherapy?

In short, the answer to this question is: EVERYONE!

Regardless of if you have a vagina or not, you can benefit from pelvic floor physiotherapy. Just as we keep our biceps and quads toned and defined we need to do the same for our pelvic muscles.

I’ve been pretty open about the impact that birth has had on my pelvic floor. I’m not shy about admitting that I’ve peed my pants a time or two when I haven’t been able to cross my legs in time before a sneeze, or when I try to do a physical activity like run or jump on a trampoline.

While it’s fun to make jokes about it it can actually be a lot more detrimental than one would think. Not only was I unable to do….a lot….without my two-year-old pointing out that I had an accident, but as time went on the pressure in my pelvis was causing pain on a daily basis.

I saw my doctor who told me that my high activity level was actually keeping my pelvic floor stronger, but if it got much worse I would need surgery. I decided then that the trip to the pelvic floor physiotherapist that I’d been procrastinating needed to happen NOW!

Where do you go?

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If you’re lucky enough to have a pelvic floor physiotherapist in your area you can make an appointment with them. You often don’t need a referral from your doctor, and it can be sometimes covered through your medical services plan. However, if it’s not it can be quite pricey to physically go to pelvic floor physiotherapy.

Alternatively, you can check out a fantastic online option! Who doesn’t love the idea of working out their vagina in the comfort of their own home (and by this I mean this way and this way.)

Way too many women believe that peeing when they laugh or run or jump, or have persistent lower back pain, or pain from prolapse is normal and something they have to learn to live with.

It’s not. Seriously.

Oddly enough, the “cure” to all of these common complaints is actually quite simple: pelvic floor physiotherapy!

Pelvic floor physiotherapy isn’t just for those who are already dealing with significant issues and need comprehensive and thorough rehabilitation (although, there is an online program for that). It’s also for women who are exhibiting NO symptoms and want to take charge of their pelvic floor health. This online program is perfect for those women AND those who are exhibiting some symptoms.

You deserve to take care of all aspects of your health, especially your pelvic floor.

I’ve been working on my pelvic floor health actively for a year now and have seen major results. My pain has lessened, I pee less when I run, and overall feel more confident (the fact that I know I’ve got a buff muff makes me hold my head a little bit higher, I’m not going to lie.)

What are you waiting for? Start the 28 Day Buff Muff Challenge or Kegel Mojo Program NOW!

You owe this to yourself, Mama!

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