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The BEST Christmas gift guide for all 9 types of moms

As Moms, it’s safe to categorize ourselves. We all have a certain stereotype that we fall into and self-proclaim ourselves as that “type” of Mom.

Generally, it’s not fair to make assumptions about other people. However, there are normally some indications of what “type” of Mom your friends are, too! Most of the time that specification won’t matter but when it comes to Christmas gifts it definitely comes in handy. You want your Christmas gift to be personalized and thoughtful.

A guide for every type of Mom on your list

*I gotta tell ya; if you click on any of these links I’m going to make a few bucks. Do you know how awesome that is? All of these gifts are handmade by small businesses. So, really, if you purchase one of these items for one of your awesome mom friends you’re helping them by getting them an awesome Christmas gift, you’re helping a small business, you’re helping your favorite blogger, AND you’re going to feel great about where your hard earned money is going! 

1. The TRENDY Mom

trendy mom Christmas gift

This Mom always looks hawt! She’s got the latest clothes, the latest shoes, the latest bags, and her hair is always in the most currently stylish form of Mom bun. She just got past the stage of wearing some fashionable “Chewlery” and now is in need of something that won’t get slobbered on. She will absolutely love this versatile jewelry that will go with all of her outfits, regardless of the latest trends.

2. The HIPPIE Mom

hippie mom Christmas gift

Follow the scent of Patchouli and you’ll find your hippie Mom friend. Unfortunately, she’s almost out of her favorite all-natural parfum and is in desperate need of more. Some lovely smelling stuff with this handy bag and she’ll be good to go!

3. The CAREER Mom

career mom christmas gift

MOM (after 24 hours with her children: “AHHHH!! I’m going crazy! I need to get away from the kids so badly!”

MOM (after 24 minutes away from her children: “AHHHH!! I’m going crazy! I miss my kids so badly!”

This necklace will allow the mom who works out of the home to see her kids whenever she wants during the day. **As an added bonus, she can see them but can’t hear them screaming “MOOOOOOOOOOOM” this way!


wine lover Christmas gift

You know this lady. It’s 7 p.m. when you give her a ring-a-ling and you don’t even have to ask what she’s doing. You know she’s enjoying a nice glass of wine. You could get her a nice bottle of wine for Christmas (you know there are ones with swearing on the labels, right?). However, if you get her something like this you’re guaranteeing that she gets a glass of wine brought to her whenever she sits down! Make sure she has an appropriate wine glass for the occasion, though if you think about it, drinking WINE out of a GLASS kinda seems like a recipe for disaster.

5. The HOT MESS Mom

hot mess mom christmas gift

She shows up to drop off at school in a whirlwind, but this lady has GOT IT! Her kids are dressed and fed and ready for the day. She’s half ready for her day- lovely outfit, but that hair is still a mess. Give her the gift of “I don’t need to worry about my hair right now” with this hat that will hide it all. Well, most of it.

6. The REBEL Mom

rebel Mom Christmas gift

Okay, she’s not actually a rebel, but she kinda looks like it. She’s got the tattoos and the black leather accessories. 

She’s got the skull theme going on and may come across as a little intimidating (she’s not- she’s really super sweet). Help her complete her look with this extra awesome skull hat!


coffee lover Christmas gift

You saw her once before she had her cup of morning Jo and it wasn’t pretty. Some people joke about not being human before coffee but she ain’t one of them. Get her morning off to an even better start by getting her a gift to put her elixier of LIFE in!


stay at home mom christmas gift

Once the kids are happily entertained for a few minutes this Mom takes off to her bedroom for a few minutes of peace. She’ll be thrilled every time she walks into her room to see an amazing pillow that is not only flashy but also has a personalized message from you on it!


athletic mom Christmas gift

Not only is she conquering her two-year-olds new tantrum phase, she’s conquering mountains, too. This Mom is always in sportswear and ready for a jog, hike, or gym session. A beautiful necklace that visually reminds her of the mountains, as well as the ability to scent with some cedar essential oil, will give her satisfaction all the time!

The perfect Christmas gift for all Moms

-A little something for Mom to display in her home about what life with kids is really like!

This t-shirt says it all!

-Nothing will calm a Mom down like a nice mug of herbal tea!


You’ll be able to find something for all the wonderful Moms on your list! Oh, and don’t forget your own Mom! She deserves a beautiful Christmas gift, too!

What’s on YOUR Christmas gift wish list for this year?

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