natural ways to deal with hemorrhoids

Childbirth can be a pain in the butt! This is what you can do about hemorrhoids!

There are few things that a person truly has to see to believe: a UFO, the Loch Ness monster, and the gigantic hemorrhoids that can result from vaginal childbirth.

9 (million- amiright?!) or so months is ample time for a woman to become educated and informed on what her body is about to experience. She will be fascinated by the changes her body will make physically. She will be aware of the aches and pains that are normal while she grows life inside of her. She will understand the process of labor and know the calming strategies for when she delivers her precious baby.

Although, there are some things a woman will not ever be able to learn from parenting books or social media. There are facts surrounding vaginal birth that seem to be avoided by the general public. Nobody seems to want to discuss pooping on the table, how a woman’s vagina looks after birth, and hemorrhoids that are so big they deserve the second name choice you had for your new baby.

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Hemorrhoids often begin to rear their ugly heads when a woman is pregnant. When she’s carrying a child in her body there’s a whole lotta pressure bearing down on her backside.These nasty hemorrhoids often loiter for a few months, making their presence vaguely known here and there. It’s typically not until she’s given birth that they make their grand entrance.

When a woman gives birth she gets to celebrate the life of her child. However, she must also grieve the death of her modesty. She just had the most exposed experience of her life as she pooped on the table (it ain’t no myth) moments before showcasing a baby coming out of her vagina through her splayed legs to the group of enthusiastic spectators. She felt confident explaining to the young student doctor that he, in fact, did not freeze her properly and that she could, in fact, feel him stitching her up. She has no problem taking off her nursing gown to put her baby to her breast in front of the room of visitors.

However, no words can describe the humiliation of having a well-intentioned nurse come to check up on the painful monster that has grown from her anus.   

Her pride and ego will heal quickly once she arrives home from the hospital, but the physical pain she’s feeling in her rear end will need some tending to.

Her doctor has recommended she get a medicated topical cream, but her partner, still in shock from what was seen in the delivery room, did not hear her request to go buy some. She is forced to take matters into her own hands and use things from around the house:

How a woman can heal her hemorrhoids

how to deal with hemorrhoids

-She sits on soft surfaces if and when she sits. That breastfeeding pillow she has is very multi-use.

-She drinks lots and lots of water.

-She tries to get plenty of rest.

-She eats highly fibrous foods in order to avoid constipation and keep things as smooth as possible.

-She took a lot of gear from the hospital when she left. Those uber-comfortable, uber-sexy mesh undies, mondo sized pads, and peri-bottles. She can use that to clean her entire nether region.

-She has a sitz bath whenever possible.

-She soaks a cloth in Witch Hazel and puts it between her bum cheeks to reduce swelling.

-She checks out Pinterest for other home remedies and assesses which ones would be suitable for her comfort level. A nice condom filled with ice cubes up the butt may work for some, but maybe not for her. 

She complains loudly because that provides the most relief possible and because she deserves to do that, dammit!

Due to the sensitive nature of the situation, it’s wise to be slightly cryptic in your advice to the new Mom in order to avoid embarrassment and possible hormonal outbursts from saying the wrong thing (this ain’t no myth either). Unless she explicitly shares what a pain in the butt childbirth was for her you won’t know for sure whether hemorrhoids is a condition that she’s currently suffering from. The pep talk she gives herself as she waddles into the bathroom is an indication, but it’s best not to assume.

Kindly suggest that she takes care of “yourselves” -”[her]selves” being her and her hemorrhoids. Bring her countless glasses of water while explaining that dehydration can cause fatigue (**this will work as a double positive: she will assume that your gesture implies she doesn’t appear fatigued. Go with this. Tell her how beautiful she is at the moment but don’t make eye contact with the bags under her eyes-she’ll figure out you’re lying). Bring her a food plate of dried figs, grapes, and bran muffins for “nourishment” purposes.

Whether or not you’ve had issues with massive growths on your rectum is beside the point. One can only begin to imagine the discomfort that they cause. Be secretly sympathetic while maintaining an element of smugness: you know darn well that this pain in her ass will be nothing compared to her sweet little baby when they grow into a teenager.


eco friendly wool dryer balls

How to make Eco-friendly 100% wool dryer balls

I am an affiliate for some of the links provided here. That means, that if you purchase something through a link I’ll get a commission from it. Woohoo! You’re not only handmaking a product-you’re also support a small business (that would be me) and that means you’re doubly rad!


If you’re a Mom, you’re probably exceptionally good at laundry by now. You know what products to use and when. You’ve figured out stain removal techniques. You’ve mastered the art of exactly how much time you can let the wet laundry sit in the washer before it starts to smell.

You’re pretty confident in your laundry doing abilities. However, there’s a secret tool you may not have heard about:

A ball.

Okay, I’m kidding a bit here. Yes, a dryer ball is a ball, but it is so much more than that. Dryer balls can be made of rubber, too, but how much nicer looking is wool? Plus, with wool you can find local, organic, felted, scented dryer balls. Rubber can’t give you those things!

There are lots of great things about wool dryer balls:

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eco-friendly wool dryer balls

Are you convinced that you need these yet?

How to make 100% wool dryer balls

What you’ll need:

  • 16 oz. wool roving. Hit up your local wool store or find what you need on Etsy. Don’t worry about buying super expensive wool-merino is not necessary.
  • old stockings. Find these at the thrift store. Don’t use a nice pair-they will not survive
  • washing machine and dryer
  • scissors. Where did those kids put them?!

What you’ll need to do:

  1. Split the roving into 4 piles roughly the same size. You don’t need to be absolutely perfect on this. An approximate will do just fine.
  2. Wind the roving fairly tightly around 2 fingers a couple of times. Take wound wool off your fingers and continue to tightly wind the wool into a ball. It should be about 7” around.
  3. Grab your stocking and pack the ball in all the way to the end. Tie a knot nice and close to the ball, so as to create a casing.
  4. Repeat 3 more times.
  5. Put a couple towels in your washing machine and throw your unfelted dryer balls in with them. Put your machine settings to “Hot” and add detergent. You’ll want to run this cycle 2-3 times.
  6. Throw them in the dryer to dry along with the towels. Once they’re dry, cut them out of the stockings.
  7. If you like, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the ball before you put them into the dryer. It’ll make your clothes smell lovely! Be careful with materials like satin or linen-essential oils may stain the fabric.

Voila! There you have it!

Now you have something to admire while you hide in the laundry room sneaking your chocolate ice cream. Nice job, Mom!!



how to make a yummy mayan mocha

How to make a hot and spicy Mayan Mocha

There seems to be this idea floating around that Moms like coffee.

That’s the wrong idea.

The truth is: Moms love coffee.

No, wait. Allow me to rephrase that. Moms NEED coffee.

Let’s face it. We don’t sleep. We’re run ragged off our feet day in and day out. Our children drain us emotionally and physically. We are exhausted!

We know that copious amounts of coffee isn’t our only means of alleviating our feelings of tiredness, but it just tastes so damn good.

Now, the following recipe for a delicious Mayan Mocha may be a little more work than usual to enjoy a cup of cold coffee, but I promise it’s worth it, especially if you manage to give it a try hot! Keep this recipe handy on those particularly grey, cold, dreary days when the kids are driving you crazy and you deserve an extra few moments to do something for yourself to enjoy!

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how to make a mayan mocha

This recipe is completely customizable. If you like a little more spice in your Mayan Mocha add some extra cayenne (*Note: If you’ve handled the cayenne pepper do be careful to avoid touching any areas of your body before you wash your hands; particularly your eyes!) If you’re already feeling a little frazzled-which is understandable, Mom- add a little less espresso or choose decaf. If your day is particularly unbearable you could even exchange one of the ounces of strong coffee for an ounce of something even a bit stronger.

Make sure to hide in the laundry room while you enjoy your yummy Mayan Mocha! You can get at least a few sips of spicy hot liquid life in before your kids find you!

What do you think? How do you like a Mayan Mocha?


how to make a scary healthy yogurt barfait

How to make a scary healthy yogurt “Barf”ait

It’s Halloween!

You know your kids are going to be loading up on the most sugar they’ve had since Easter-and you’re terrified. You know that witches and goblins aren’t the scariest part of Halloween.  You’ve dealt with a 4 year old who’s just been given a sack-A SACK-of candy that you’re now insisting gets delegated to them when you deem appropriate. The most appropriate time, according to a 4 year old, is always, so you’re entangled in a constant battle of wills until their Halloween candy rapidly dwindles because:

a) you’ve had late night cravings


b) you’ve been using it as a bribery tool to get them to eat their brocolli.

Now, if you’re a modern day hippie mama (are you??) you’re cool with them having some sugary treats, but you’d like to sneak in some healthy foods to balance everything out a bit.

Start the day with a little Halloween fun for breakfast. It’s jam packed with nutritious foods and will keep them filled with energy while they’re at school enjoying their class parties (but not so nutrient dense that they’ll have energy to fight you after trick-or-treating is all said and done)!

Healthy yogurt “barf”ait


-French Vanilla yogurt

-Spirullina powder (or any greens powder)

-Frozen raspberries or raspberry/strawberry jam

-Chia seeds




  1. Mix enough yogurt with a small amount of spirullina powder and 1 tbsp of chia seeds so that it will fill the bottom 2/3 of your jar/cup/bowl-whatever you’re using. This will make the troll snot speckled with bat eyes.
  2. Crumble the frozen raspberries and create a layer, or do the same with the jam. This is lizard’s blood.
  3. Make a layer of blueberries to represent Cyclops poop.
  4. Spring some granola on top to create witch dandruff.

Make sure to save this to Pinterest so you can find it next year, too!

How to make a scary healthy yogurt barfait

Print out this label so the kids know exactly what’s in it!



how to naturally beat mom fatigue

How to naturally beat mom fatigue

It’s almost 3 p.m. and the fatigue has set in. You’ve been avoiding giving into it since this morning when you woke up exhausted from a night of little sleep. You have done a good job keeping your sleepy eyes awake by drinking countless cups of cold coffee, but the tiredness is finally catching up. Your level of exhaustion was confirmed when you found your wallet in the refrigerator.

You’re nearly done the day and yet there’s still so much to do. Kids need to be picked up, homework needs to be done, dinner needs to be made, dishes need to be done, things need to be organized for the next day, kids need to be put to bed, and the list goes on forever. Once all those things are finished you can finally get some rest. The question is: Will you make it until then?

Natural ways to beat Mom fatigue

Jess Smith, founder of Red Hawk Healing has some easy to implement strategies that can help you feel more energized!

1. Go to bed early (ha ha)

It is said that every hour before midnight is worth two after.

2. Eat living foods where possible

When eating cooked, pair with enzyme-rich foods such as unpasteurized sauerkraut, kombucha,  or apple cider vinegar. Living foods are almost self-digesting, and leave you energized instead of ready for a nap.

3. Green juices

Our soils are so depleted that even the best organic produce is lacking in nutrients. Happily, dark leafy greens are rich with the nutrients missing from most diets. Green smoothies are wonderful, but green juices are quickly absorbed without a sugar spike/crash, and give a big energy boost.

4. Daily ferments

A lot of energy is lost simply to the struggle to digest food! You can get your digestive system running more optimally with ferments.

naturally beat mom fatigue

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5. Level blood sugar

Don’t starve yourself. Intermittent fasting (overnight/during restful hours) can be really health-giving and invigorating, but through the day, especially running after littles, food is important. Avoid sugars that spike and crash your blood sugar, and pair sweet with protein to slow the release of sugar in your blood. Don’t wait too long between meals and snacks, but also don’t snack consistently (it’s stress on the digestive system and the teeth). A jar of raw pumpkin seeds are a great protein-rich food you can grab a handful or two of if you have waited too long to eat. It will get you through until you can make something more substantial.

6. Chia seed pudding

This is great for exceptionally fatiguing circumstances. When soaked 4 hours (in a liquid of your choice – think cooled green tea, water, coconut milk and cocoa powder), it turns into a 5 hour energy boost without the crash of commercial energy drinks. Chia is not a stimulant, but is full of nutrients. If I have had a rough night, I will soak 3tbsp of chia seed with 2 cups of water in a bottle and gently shake now and then for about 10 minutes (so it doesn’t settle into globs). It will be ready by the afternoon lull when I need that boost to get me to bedtime.

7. In breath, out breath

Pace yourself. Make note and use of your high-energy and low-energy times. Find a way to pair this with your children energy cycles, and create a daily rhythm that allows for rests. Rest can take the form of reading a book, sitting and snuggling with the kids, enjoying a cup of tea (kids like to get in on this, too), or practicing mindfulness and stillness in the moments you can.

Do something that makes you excited, and take time to do it.

So much of fatigue is mental. Depression and fatigue go hand in hand, and there is so much to write on this. Without going too deeply into this, having a hobby or something you are excited about and taking even a few hours for it on the weekend can be enough to give you the needed energy to get through. It’s joy permeates the everyday humdrum.

9. Drink lots of water!

Fatigue is a common symptom of dehydration. By the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. I like to drink a bottle (2 cups) of water right on waking. It’s an amazing boost of energy and mental clarity, wakes up digestion, and makes it easier to drink water through the day.


You no longer have to rely on chocolate covered espresso beans to get you through your day. Try using some of these pointers and see if they make a difference in your energy.


How do you increase your energy! What works for you??



Jess smith red hawk healing

Jess Smith has been healing energetically since early childhood. Born in BC, as young as a few years old she would treat anything from bruises, headaches, and even more serious conditions such as epicondylitis or “Tennis Elbow.” She is now a Reiki Master/Teacher, working from her home in Deroche, BC, and has been involved in treating a wide range of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual conditions. Of these include: traumatic amputations and other injuries, post surgery healing and pain, back problems and injuries, digestive disturbances, cancer, headaches and migraines, eye disorders, emotional trauma, etc. She is also qualified to perform Guided Meditations, Shamanic healing, Oracle Card readings, and classes. To find out more about Jess or get in contact with her head to her website or find her on Facebook!


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yummy recipes that aren't pumpkin spiced

25 best fall drink recipes (that aren’t pumpkin spiced)

September 21: First day of fall or first day it becomes socially acceptable to drink pumpkin spiced lattes?

I have a confession to make: I HATE pumpkin spiced lattes.

I like pumpkin spice. I like lattes. I do not like pumpkin spiced lattes.

There are reasons that the fall is the best time of the year:
-cozy sweaters
-it’s not so terribly hot that you don’t want your kids touching you
-no more shaving every day

Warming drinks are also a perk of fall. Now’s the time to throw on an oversized sweater, watch the leaves fall (haha, get it? “Fall”?), and slow life down a bit.

Here’s a few tasty hot drink recipes that aren’t pumpkin spiced:



-Warm your body and your soul with this Honeyed Vanilla Chai Tea

-Nothing says fall like Mulled Apple Cider or  Spiced Apple Cider!!

-Not afraid of spice? Try a Spicy Mocha with Chocolate whip!

-Can’t you just picture yourself sitting in a park (I didn’t say playground…I said park…like a nature park filled with trees and no children. Yes, I know, that’s far fetched, but for the sake of this imagery can you please just go with me on it?!) drinking an Earl Grey Vanilla Tea Latte? See? Don’t you feel better?!

-Apparently, molasses isn’t just for baking gingerbread houses?! Well, okay, attempting to bake gingerbread houses.

-Speaking of gingerbread…if you’re having a craving spare yourself the heartache of failed baking attempts with a Gingerbread Latte!

-Jump start your day with a delicious peppermint mocha. Have some whip. Always have the whip…

-If you’re looking for something quick and spicy (but your partner has a “headache”) enjoy a quick and easy chai tea latte!

-Or, give this Hot Apple Cider Chai Tea a try. Mmmmm!

-Is wanderlust overcoming you a bit? Get a bit of your fill with this recipe for Atole de Vainilla from Mexico!

-While you’re in Mexico, give this Champurrado a shot!

-You’ve been so patient…don’t despair; the alcoholic recipes are below:)


These fall drink recipes aren't pumpkin spiced

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-How about some good ol’ fashioned Bailey’s and coffee?

-Nothing says fall like apple cider. Fall is even better with apple cider and spiced rum. Yum!

-Get spooky with some Halloween themed drinks that ghoul go batty over!

-If the kids are being a little squirrely, find some relief in a spiked Mocha Nut coffee😉

You tell your kids there’s alcohol in your chocolate goodness, anyway. Make it a glorious truth with some spiked Italian hot chocolate!

-Nice and simple, yet so rewarding. Allow yourself to escape the day’s craziness with a Classic Hot Toddy.

Hot Buttered Rum mix will make your world go round!


Hot Chocolate

-It’s been a looooooong day. Reward yourself. This nutrient dense drink will help your mood and your energy!

-Be “the best Mom in the world” and have easy to make hot chocolate ready for when you get home from your fun fall activities or while you’re doing festive things at home!

Combining Earl Grey and Hot Cocoa? Delicious!

Healthy hot chocolate will taste great and take away any fear of the impending sugar rush that usually comes with giving the kids a nice treat.

-If you don’t have to worry about sharing with the kids try a Spicy Hot Cocoa!

-Feeling a little run down? Kids wearing you out? Try this Healing Tahini Hot Chocolate for a chance to get yourself back to snuff. There’s lots to do, Mama!

-You were just in Mexico…now it’s time to head to Peru with some Peruvian Hot Chocolate!


That’s a lot of deliciousness to choose from, Mama! Tell me your favorite fall drinks in the comments below!