how to increase happiness

Simple Ways To Increase Your Happiness Every Day

Being a Mom is wonderful.


Amongst the sibling fighting, struggle to get everyone out the door in the morning, never-ending snack making, and sheer exhaustion it can be difficult to remember just how wonderful being a Mom can really be.

It’s easy to get caught up in the struggles that are part of being a parent. We all strive to be happy. It can be a challenge to reach our maximum happiness potential when our only opportunity to think about how we’re going to get to that point is when we’re peeing.  It takes a conscious effort and visual reminders to set our awareness to the things that increase our happiness. Throughout a busy day, this can be a tough routine to get into. it’s worth it, however, to get yourself into a mindset that is conducive to your self-growth and frame of mind.

Here are some easy methods to increase your happiness level throughout your day:

Express gratitude

When you wake up, say aloud three things that you’re grateful for. Change them up every day. If you’re finding it hard to come up with new things every single day try and think of small things that may seem immediately insignificant, such as: you woke up, you had a bed to sleep in, you are breathing, you had a good dream, etc.

Change your perspective on everything

Be hyper-aware of the way you’re thinking about things and try and switch them around. For example, You get a bill for hydro in the mail that you had forgotten you had to pay. Instead of feeling perturbed that you have to pay this bill, remind yourself that you’re lucky you get to pay this bill. It may not seem like you’re lucky to get to pay a bill, but if you focus on the positive parts of the “negative” experience you will begin to understand that in the grand scheme of things you’re a lot luckier than the large population of people on this planet that don’t have the opportunity to pay a hydro bill at all.

Start a happiness journal

Every night before bed write down one thing during the day that made you happy. It can be a good memory for the day, something someone said, something you saw; anything that brought you happiness throughout the day. When you see these things throughout the day make a mental note of them. Not only will this trigger your mind to focus on the positive in the situation, it will encourage you to be more present and see the beauty in what’s going on around you.

I write down a memory a day in my planner. I have my blog planning on the top, personal planning in the middle, and a happy memory from each day at the bottom.

do a happiness journal

Spend time with happy people

You don’t need toxicity in your life. Try and avoid people who bring you stress and gravitate towards folks who allow you to feel calm. Call up a friend for coffee or head somewhere you feel content.


Find things that make you happy and involve yourself in them. If reading is your jam make sure you get in a few pages every day. If hiding in the laundry room eating chocolate is your thing, do that! You taking the time to bring more happiness into your life will inevitably make you a more positive mom and overall person. You owe that to your kids…and to yourself!!! 

You’re on your way to being a happier, healthier person, Mama. Nicely done:)

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A year in the life of a three-year-old: I’m the smartest person in the world!

Have you ever wondered what your kiddos are thinking about? Particularly your three-year-old?

Now’s your chance to find out! On top of getting deep insight into what your littles are thinking, you’ll also benefit from this e-book by:

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*No longer feeling embarrassed by the things your child is doing that you think are absolutely not normal. You will learn that everyone’s child does things just as, if not more embarrassing.

*Not feeling alone in motherhood. You will learn throughout this book that your frustrations and fears are shared by many moms just like you. You’re not alone in this journey.

I'm the smartest person in the world

Don’t wait! This is your chance to see things from your child’s perspective:

  • “What kind of sick freaks would go to a shower of babies???”
  • Mom is sick. Or so she says. I personally just think she’s hoping for a day of being lazy.”
  • “I also told any women that we encountered during the day that Mom has MyPeriod so that they could take the necessary precautions to keep themselves safe.”

And more!

Get yourself a hot cup of coffee and hide in the laundry room next to your chocolate stash. Make sure you don’t laugh out loud, though. You don’t want to be found!!

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THIS is how to be your best, healthy self

Woot! Happy New Years!

It’s now officially the end of 2017 and you’re onto a new year.

As you sit here reading this I can only assume you’re feeling a little less than spiffy. You probably had one too many glasses of champagne last night and your kids are less than sympathetic.

Note to self: Keep the kids for the party. Get a babysitter for the night after. 

My suggestion to you right now is to Pin this photo to Pinterest just in case you’re completely repulsed by what you’re about to read and want to try again later when you’re feeling a little more motivated.


Healthy is sexy

It’s pretty easy to fall into this habit of not doing the things that keep us Moms healthy. We do everything in our power to make sure that our children are receiving the best of everything in terms of their nutrition and exercise, but we often fall short on giving ourselves the same things.

Guess what, though? Making sure that you are healthy is going to make it much easier to make sure that your kids are healthy! Keeping on top of your fitness and dietary regime will make you feel better. It will help in all areas of your life. You’ll have more energy, feel more confident, release those happy endorphins, and generally feel good!

Great, but how do I do it?

Going to the gym is challenging. Unless you can figure out a way to go when your partner or family can watch the kids, it’s pretty complicated! There’s getting the kids there, unpacking them all, putting them in childminding, fearing that they’re going to freak out in childminding, having to get them from childminding, picking them up, loading them back into the car, and getting them home. it’s almost a workout just getting the kids to and from the gym!

how to be healthy

There’s an easy solution: At home workouts!

(Yo! There are affiliate links in here. That means that I get a commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you!)

Not only do you not have to pack up kids and gear to head to the gym filled with muscly men watching themselves in the mirror, there are also many other perks to working out from home:

-there’s no one around in case you pee your pants

-the only sweat you’ll smell will be your own

-you can blast your favorite tunes-no headphones, yo!

-no waiting for equipment

-no younger women who clearly haven’t had children prancing around flaunting their perky breasts

-gym attire not necessary (ever tried a nude workout? It’s probably not pretty-but there won’t be anyone around to care!

In 2016 I tried my hand at the BeachBody workouts. I did the 21 Day fix EXTREME. It required minimal equipment: a tension strap, 2 different dumbbell weights, a yoga mat, and my running shoes. Best of all, I didn’t have to leave my house! It nearly killed me, but ultimately I was much better off for it.

Eating healthy foods

It’s easy to get caught up in the “I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast and now it’s 4:00 and I’m starving so I’m going to eat some candy before I make dinner” habit. Unfortunately, it’s a detrimental one. Making healthy choices about what you’re putting into your body is so important. It will affect your mood and energy levels.

Try making it a little easier for yourself to make those healthy choices:

-Cut up enough vegetables for a few days. Keep them in a container in the fridge.

-Make a smoothie jam-packed with berries, greens, hemp hearts, chia seeds, and even protein powder!

-Keep junk food out of plain view. If that’s what you see when you feel your tummy grumbling that’s what you’re going to go for.

-Meal plan your meals so you can make sure you’re coming up with healthy meals.

A new years resolution you’ll want to keep

Let’s be honest here: New Year’s resolutions are incredibly easy to make. However, your good intentions tend to dry up by about January 4.

In order to prevent that from happening this year I’ve created a group called “No Jumping Jacks” for Moms who all want to get themselves more fit and healthy. Do your favorite at-home-workout. Complain about how hard it is. Showcase your hard-earned glass of wine. Share your favorite healthy meal. Oh, and when the workout calls for 20 jumping jacks you don’t have to do it-I certainly won’t be. This group will be available to moms at ANY fitness level, doing ANY sort of healthy living improvements. Share your struggles. Get some ideas. Stay motivated to be your best, healthy self!!

There’s nothing more motivating than another Mom’s encouragement! Keep yourself accountable and help others stay on track by joining this group!


Your health is so important, Mom!

Start 2018 off right! Well, actually, let’s wait until tomorrow. It’ll be way easier to start it off right when your head isn’t pounding…

natural ways to deal with hemorrhoids

Childbirth can be a pain in the butt! This is what you can do about hemorrhoids!

There are few things that a person truly has to see to believe: a UFO, the Loch Ness monster, and the gigantic hemorrhoids that can result from vaginal childbirth.

9 (million- amiright?!) or so months is ample time for a woman to become educated and informed on what her body is about to experience. She will be fascinated by the changes her body will make physically. She will be aware of the aches and pains that are normal while she grows life inside of her. She will understand the process of labor and know the calming strategies for when she delivers her precious baby.

Although, there are some things a woman will not ever be able to learn from parenting books or social media. There are facts surrounding vaginal birth that seem to be avoided by the general public. Nobody seems to want to discuss pooping on the table, how a woman’s vagina looks after birth, and hemorrhoids that are so big they deserve the second name choice you had for your new baby.

little adventures company advertisement


Hemorrhoids often begin to rear their ugly heads when a woman is pregnant. When she’s carrying a child in her body there’s a whole lotta pressure bearing down on her backside.These nasty hemorrhoids often loiter for a few months, making their presence vaguely known here and there. It’s typically not until she’s given birth that they make their grand entrance.

When a woman gives birth she gets to celebrate the life of her child. However, she must also grieve the death of her modesty. She just had the most exposed experience of her life as she pooped on the table (it ain’t no myth) moments before showcasing a baby coming out of her vagina through her splayed legs to the group of enthusiastic spectators. She felt confident explaining to the young student doctor that he, in fact, did not freeze her properly and that she could, in fact, feel him stitching her up. She has no problem taking off her nursing gown to put her baby to her breast in front of the room of visitors.

However, no words can describe the humiliation of having a well-intentioned nurse come to check up on the painful monster that has grown from her anus.   

Her pride and ego will heal quickly once she arrives home from the hospital, but the physical pain she’s feeling in her rear end will need some tending to.

Her doctor has recommended she get a medicated topical cream, but her partner, still in shock from what was seen in the delivery room, did not hear her request to go buy some. She is forced to take matters into her own hands and use things from around the house:

How a woman can heal her hemorrhoids

how to deal with hemorrhoids

-She sits on soft surfaces if and when she sits. That breastfeeding pillow she has is very multi-use.

-She drinks lots and lots of water.

-She tries to get plenty of rest.

-She eats highly fibrous foods in order to avoid constipation and keep things as smooth as possible.

-She took a lot of gear from the hospital when she left. Those uber-comfortable, uber-sexy mesh undies, mondo sized pads, and peri-bottles. She can use that to clean her entire nether region.

-She has a sitz bath whenever possible.

-She soaks a cloth in Witch Hazel and puts it between her bum cheeks to reduce swelling.

-She checks out Pinterest for other home remedies and assesses which ones would be suitable for her comfort level. A nice condom filled with ice cubes up the butt may work for some, but maybe not for her. 

She complains loudly because that provides the most relief possible and because she deserves to do that, dammit!

Due to the sensitive nature of the situation, it’s wise to be slightly cryptic in your advice to the new Mom in order to avoid embarrassment and possible hormonal outbursts from saying the wrong thing (this ain’t no myth either). Unless she explicitly shares what a pain in the butt childbirth was for her you won’t know for sure whether hemorrhoids is a condition that she’s currently suffering from. The pep talk she gives herself as she waddles into the bathroom is an indication, but it’s best not to assume.

Kindly suggest that she takes care of “yourselves” -”[her]selves” being her and her hemorrhoids. Bring her countless glasses of water while explaining that dehydration can cause fatigue (**this will work as a double positive: she will assume that your gesture implies she doesn’t appear fatigued. Go with this. Tell her how beautiful she is at the moment but don’t make eye contact with the bags under her eyes-she’ll figure out you’re lying). Bring her a food plate of dried figs, grapes, and bran muffins for “nourishment” purposes.

Whether or not you’ve had issues with massive growths on your rectum is beside the point. One can only begin to imagine the discomfort that they cause. Be secretly sympathetic while maintaining an element of smugness: you know darn well that this pain in her ass will be nothing compared to her sweet little baby when they grow into a teenager.


hangover cures

Do you have a hangover? Try these natural remedies!

There’s nothing worse than having a hangover.

Oh, wait. Yes, there is.

Having a hangover as a parent.

While it makes more sense to hire a babysitter the next day, too, it doesn’t always happen.

Us parents think we can handle it. We can just throw a movie on and give the kids a bag of potato chips and all will be alright. Unfortunately, however, it never is. The day you’re trying to manage a hangover while maintaining your parenting duties is the day that Netflix stops working, your child wants complicated-to-make snacks, your mother-in-law stops in, and the dog starts vomiting pieces of the Barbie he ate earlier.

Your dreams of riding out this hangover on the couch have just been shattered, my friend.

Best case scenario: You sleep the hangover away.

Parent’s case scenario: You try some of these natural hangover cures and hope the kids go to bed early tonight.

Natural hangover cures


Just an FYI: you should have drunk more of it last night. Alcohol is a diuretic. In a nutshell, you’re going to have to pee more than when you were 9 months pregnant, but you’ll be getting really dehydrated while you’re doing it. Alcohol prevents your kidneys from reabsorbing water, so you need to replenish the H2O you’ve lost.

Gauge your water drinking abilities by how you’re feeling. You may feel like you want to chug it all down, but that may not work well in your favor. Drink water throughout the day to get your hydration back up to snuff.

Ginger tea

Ginger works as an anti-nauseant. That churning and gurgling in your belly can be somewhat tempered by steeping about 2” worth of sliced ginger in a pot of tea.


Remember in high school when you’d head straight to 7/11 after a night of partying and pick up some blue Gatorade? We were so smart back then. Rebalance your electrolytes with some coconut water. This will reduce the aches and pains and nausea you may have.

Get vitamins in your body

Dang. You forgot to get the adult ones at the store again. No worries. Take some of your kids. Alcohol really depletes the B vitamins in your body (and low B vitamins are going to make you tired and moody) so make sure you get in on those. Try and get some proper nutrients in your body from food, too. Bananas, avocados, eggs, and asparagus are top foods for helping combat your nasty feelings.

Hot lemon and honey

Hot lemon and honey will work to rebalance your blood sugars. Squeeze the juice from half a lemon into a pot of hot water. Add 2 tbsp. of honey.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This wonder substance is used for everything. Put a teaspoon or so into a cup of water. This will help detoxify your body.

Oil pulling

Take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (you can buy it in liquid form so you don’t have to melt it) and swish it around in your mouth for anywhere up to 20 minutes. This is an Ayurvedic technique that is to help remove toxins from your body. It’s actually a good habit to get into every day. Do it before brushing your teeth in the morning.


Don’t worry. This isn’t a suggestion to put on some Richard Simmons and squeeze into a one-piece spandex. Draw yourself a nice bath (let the kids sit in the bathroom and read books to you. This bath isn’t about relaxing-it’s about detoxifying). Make sure it’s hot enough that you’re going to sweat. Add some Epsom Salts, too, for maximum toxin removing. Stay in as long as you can handle the kids pointing out your squishy belly.

Do yoga

Yes, I understand. You may not be up to it. However, even if you can manage just a little bit you’ll get that nasty stuff running it’s course through and out of your body. Stick with a light sequence; Downward Dog might not be the best idea.

Avoid coffee

Oh man. This is going to be the hardest part of all of it, but it truly isn’t going to help matters. Coffee is also a diuretic, so while you’re trying to rehydrate coffee is going to be counteracting your attempts. You know how you put laundry in the drawer and your toddler immediately takes it out? That’s coffee when you’re trying to cure a hangover.


Don’t be too hard on yourself. You don’t drink like this often ( however, if you do make sure you talk to someone about it. This isn’t healthy and you may need to get yourself some help) and you’re allowed a day of recovery. Next time, be careful to pace yourself, drink enough water while you enjoy your alcoholic beverages, nourish your body with food, and, most importantly, find yourself a babysitter for the next day, too, so you can have your hangover in peace and quiet.

stop sibling fighting

Are your kids constantly fighting? Here’s how to stop it!

My kids are never fighting. Ever.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m even writing this post, to be honest.


I’m totally messing with you. My kids fight all the freakin’ time. Often our days start off like this:

SISTER A: “Good morning, sis.”


little adventures company advertisement

It continues on from there. It’s exhausting for me, so I can only imagine how tiring it is for them. I’ve tried begging and pleading with them to stop. I’ve explained negative energy. I’ve mocked them. I’ve gotten my own sister to help me role-play a fighting and making up scenario. I’ve bribed them.

Nothing works.

I get it. They’re kids. They’re also siblings. They’re going to fight. However, it would be nice if there was a little bit of peace in the household. Just for a while. Especially before I’ve had a cup of coffee (for everyone’s sake-seriously).

I turned to the good ol‘ Facebook Mom groups for some advice, and this is what was suggested:

are your kids always fighting?

Tips to stop sibling fighting

Talk to them

Okay, yes. This makes sense. This would be your logical first step. Explain to them how destructive their fighting is to each other and the rest of the family. Guide them through practical and effective strategies for dealing with situations they may find themselves in. Assist them through a particular situation to model what a dispute should look like.

Get along t-shirt

Basically, this is an extra large shirt that you put both children in until they stop fighting.

Have them sit together holding hands

Once they’ve stopped fighting they need to say one nice thing to the other. This will help them focus on the positive aspects of the other person.

Activity jar

Fill a jar with activity ideas. Some will be fun. Some will not. They all will be things that they have to do together: wash floors, do a puzzle, do the weeding, make each other a snack. These things require working together positively. If that is not accomplished they lose a privilege for a week-or another consequence.

Let them duke it out

Tune it out, Mom. Unless the fighting start to get physical let them try and sort it out for themselves. They may come to some conclusions on their own. Try and let them figure out what works for them and what doesn’t.

Separate them

Give them individual tasks in different areas of the house. After a while, they’ll realize that they miss one another and will want to spend time with the other person.

Get them outside

Okay, hippy-dippy time. Nature is your healer. Fresh air will recharge them (and you) and put everyone in a better mood. Go worm searching. Dig a hole. Find something to do outside that will distract them from fighting while they reap the benefits of the outdoors.

Be a good example

I’m going to go ahead and throw this in here: I’m super lucky. I have an AMAZING sister who I can count on to be there for me. I love her so much and I know that’s reciprocal.

It hasn’t always been like that, though. I’m pretty sure our poor Mom was pulling her hair out with our fighting the same way I pull my hair out with my kids fighting. However, now we model behavior in front of my kids that show a positive relationship. We discuss how Auntie and Mommy didn’t always get along, but now that we’re older we appreciate each other. I remind them that their sister will one day be their very best friend-just like mine is my best friend- whether they believe it or not.

Maybe you don’t have a positive relationship with your sibling, but if you can try and make it amicable in front of the kids you’ll be doing them and yourself a favor.


So, there you have it. These suggestions from dozens of moms may help put an end to the sibling fighting you’re experiencing.

Can you add to the list of ways to curb sibling fighting? I’d love to hear in the comments below!