best lingerie after baby

The best lingerie to wear after you’ve had a baby

So, you’re looking to spice things up a bit with some lingerie.

Look at you, mama!

You spend almost all of your time in yoga tights and a t-shirt and you’re hoping to bring sexy back with a little negligee that will knock your partner’s socks off (and hopefully everything else they’re wearing, too!)

Ship the kids off to their grandparents, forget about the sex positions just for parents, turn those lights on, and get ready to get busy!

Best lingerie to wear after having a baby

This article contains affiliate links. That means that I may receive a commission on your purchase at no cost to you. It’s a win-win: I can pay for the result of what happened the last time I wore lingerie (kids) and you can enjoy your pretty new unmentionables AND some sexing.


One of the biggest complaints that I hear from moms is that they’re uncomfortable with their tummy. For this reason, many of these women won’t wear a two-piece lingerie set.

I get this.

Wearing a babydoll is a great way to still feel sexy while you keep parts of yourself concealed that may keep you more comfortable. The more confident you are the more sexier you’re going to feel, so this may be a perfect option for you!

Bra and panty set

Now, for those of you wanting to strut your stuff, this is a lovely option that’s practical and pretty.

The beauty of this ensemble is that you can wear it when you’re wanting to turn your partner on and you can also wear it when you’re needing to wear something pretty but don’t want to wear that nice dress you have because the kids will destroy it with their chocolatey fingers.

The best option: Wear this little ditty underneath your everyday clothes. When your partner undresses you they’ll be pleasantly surprised with the layer you’ve got on underneath your snot covered outfit!

Roll play costume

Assuming the last time your partner was in the company of a nurse was when said nurse was assisting you in bringing your child into the world.

There may be a bit of a traumatic association that’s been built there.

Restore your partner’s love of nurses with this fun outfit! Be careful not to mention the words “cervix” or “dilated”, though, as that may get them running the other way.

If nurses aren’t your thing you can find outfits as police officers and maids, too! Choose something that you’d be interested in playing the role of and go with it!

Nursing bra

For the folks wanting to be super functional about this whole “sexy lingerie thing” might I suggest a fancier than normal nursing bra?

Let’s face it: a nursing bra is the ultimate tool in providing easy access to not only your breastfeeding baby but your breast hungry partner, as well!

This nursing bra is the best kind as it doesn’t have any underwire (not ideal for breastfeeding folks), is comfortable, and is super sexy! Again, this is a great choice for when you’re wanting to feel a little more provocative throughout your day but don’t particularly want to dress up.

Cute and comfy

Last but not least, when do you feel the sexiest, most confident, and most empowered? When you’re comfortable!

Your partner will take one look at you in this cozy suit and see the goddess in you. It provides with a bit of a teaser by showing a bit more skin than your sweat pants and oversized hoody, but still allows you to move comfortably.

There you have it! These are the best types of lingerie you can wear after you’ve had a baby! The best part is, is that you can order them all on while you’re feeding your baby or taking a 5-minute break from the kids in a locked bathroom!

What’s your favorite thing to wear? If you had to choose one from this list which one would it be?

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