THIS is how to be your best, healthy self

Woot! Happy New Years!

It’s now officially the end of 2017 and you’re onto a new year.

As you sit here reading this I can only assume you’re feeling a little less than spiffy. You probably had one too many glasses of champagne last night and your kids are less than sympathetic.

Note to self: Keep the kids for the party. Get a babysitter for the night after. 

My suggestion to you right now is to Pin this photo to Pinterest just in case you’re completely repulsed by what you’re about to read and want to try again later when you’re feeling a little more motivated.


Healthy is sexy

It’s pretty easy to fall into this habit of not doing the things that keep us Moms healthy. We do everything in our power to make sure that our children are receiving the best of everything in terms of their nutrition and exercise, but we often fall short on giving ourselves the same things.

Guess what, though? Making sure that you are healthy is going to make it much easier to make sure that your kids are healthy! Keeping on top of your fitness and dietary regime will make you feel better. It will help in all areas of your life. You’ll have more energy, feel more confident, release those happy endorphins, and generally feel good!

Great, but how do I do it?

Going to the gym is challenging. Unless you can figure out a way to go when your partner or family can watch the kids, it’s pretty complicated! There’s getting the kids there, unpacking them all, putting them in childminding, fearing that they’re going to freak out in childminding, having to get them from childminding, picking them up, loading them back into the car, and getting them home. it’s almost a workout just getting the kids to and from the gym!

how to be healthy

There’s an easy solution: At home workouts!

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Not only do you not have to pack up kids and gear to head to the gym filled with muscly men watching themselves in the mirror, there are also many other perks to working out from home:

-there’s no one around in case you pee your pants

-the only sweat you’ll smell will be your own

-you can blast your favorite tunes-no headphones, yo!

-no waiting for equipment

-no younger women who clearly haven’t had children prancing around flaunting their perky breasts

-gym attire not necessary (ever tried a nude workout? It’s probably not pretty-but there won’t be anyone around to care!

In 2016 I tried my hand at the BeachBody workouts. I did the 21 Day fix EXTREME. It required minimal equipment: a tension strap, 2 different dumbbell weights, a yoga mat, and my running shoes. Best of all, I didn’t have to leave my house! It nearly killed me, but ultimately I was much better off for it.

Eating healthy foods

It’s easy to get caught up in the “I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast and now it’s 4:00 and I’m starving so I’m going to eat some candy before I make dinner” habit. Unfortunately, it’s a detrimental one. Making healthy choices about what you’re putting into your body is so important. It will affect your mood and energy levels.

Try making it a little easier for yourself to make those healthy choices:

-Cut up enough vegetables for a few days. Keep them in a container in the fridge.

-Make a smoothie jam-packed with berries, greens, hemp hearts, chia seeds, and even protein powder!

-Keep junk food out of plain view. If that’s what you see when you feel your tummy grumbling that’s what you’re going to go for.

-Meal plan your meals so you can make sure you’re coming up with healthy meals.

A new years resolution you’ll want to keep

Let’s be honest here: New Year’s resolutions are incredibly easy to make. However, your good intentions tend to dry up by about January 4.

In order to prevent that from happening this year I’ve created a group called “No Jumping Jacks” for Moms who all want to get themselves more fit and healthy. Do your favorite at-home-workout. Complain about how hard it is. Showcase your hard-earned glass of wine. Share your favorite healthy meal. Oh, and when the workout calls for 20 jumping jacks you don’t have to do it-I certainly won’t be. This group will be available to moms at ANY fitness level, doing ANY sort of healthy living improvements. Share your struggles. Get some ideas. Stay motivated to be your best, healthy self!!

There’s nothing more motivating than another Mom’s encouragement! Keep yourself accountable and help others stay on track by joining this group!


Your health is so important, Mom!

Start 2018 off right! Well, actually, let’s wait until tomorrow. It’ll be way easier to start it off right when your head isn’t pounding…

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