yummy recipes that aren't pumpkin spiced

25 best fall drink recipes (that aren’t pumpkin spiced)

September 21: First day of fall or first day it becomes socially acceptable to drink pumpkin spiced lattes?

I have a confession to make: I HATE pumpkin spiced lattes.

I like pumpkin spice. I like lattes. I do not like pumpkin spiced lattes.

There are reasons that the fall is the best time of the year:
-cozy sweaters
-it’s not so terribly hot that you don’t want your kids touching you
-no more shaving every day

Warming drinks are also a perk of fall. Now’s the time to throw on an oversized sweater, watch the leaves fall (haha, get it? “Fall”?), and slow life down a bit.

Here’s a few tasty hot drink recipes that aren’t pumpkin spiced:



-Warm your body and your soul with this Honeyed Vanilla Chai Tea

-Nothing says fall like Mulled Apple Cider or  Spiced Apple Cider!!

-Not afraid of spice? Try a Spicy Mocha with Chocolate whip!

-Can’t you just picture yourself sitting in a park (I didn’t say playground…I said park…like a nature park filled with trees and no children. Yes, I know, that’s far fetched, but for the sake of this imagery can you please just go with me on it?!) drinking an Earl Grey Vanilla Tea Latte? See? Don’t you feel better?!

-Apparently, molasses isn’t just for baking gingerbread houses?! Well, okay, attempting to bake gingerbread houses.

-Speaking of gingerbread…if you’re having a craving spare yourself the heartache of failed baking attempts with a Gingerbread Latte!

-Jump start your day with a delicious peppermint mocha. Have some whip. Always have the whip…

-If you’re looking for something quick and spicy (but your partner has a “headache”) enjoy a quick and easy chai tea latte!

-Or, give this Hot Apple Cider Chai Tea a try. Mmmmm!

-Is wanderlust overcoming you a bit? Get a bit of your fill with this recipe for Atole de Vainilla from Mexico!

-While you’re in Mexico, give this Champurrado a shot!

-You’ve been so patient…don’t despair; the alcoholic recipes are below:)


These fall drink recipes aren't pumpkin spiced

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-How about some good ol’ fashioned Bailey’s and coffee?

-Nothing says fall like apple cider. Fall is even better with apple cider and spiced rum. Yum!

-Get spooky with some Halloween themed drinks that ghoul go batty over!

-If the kids are being a little squirrely, find some relief in a spiked Mocha Nut coffee😉

You tell your kids there’s alcohol in your chocolate goodness, anyway. Make it a glorious truth with some spiked Italian hot chocolate!

-Nice and simple, yet so rewarding. Allow yourself to escape the day’s craziness with a Classic Hot Toddy.

Hot Buttered Rum mix will make your world go round!


Hot Chocolate

-It’s been a looooooong day. Reward yourself. This nutrient dense drink will help your mood and your energy!

-Be “the best Mom in the world” and have easy to make hot chocolate ready for when you get home from your fun fall activities or while you’re doing festive things at home!

Combining Earl Grey and Hot Cocoa? Delicious!

Healthy hot chocolate will taste great and take away any fear of the impending sugar rush that usually comes with giving the kids a nice treat.

-If you don’t have to worry about sharing with the kids try a Spicy Hot Cocoa!

-Feeling a little run down? Kids wearing you out? Try this Healing Tahini Hot Chocolate for a chance to get yourself back to snuff. There’s lots to do, Mama!

-You were just in Mexico…now it’s time to head to Peru with some Peruvian Hot Chocolate!


That’s a lot of deliciousness to choose from, Mama! Tell me your favorite fall drinks in the comments below!

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