christmas gift ideas for mom

Awesome Christmas gift ideas for Mom!

Every Mom loves getting Christmas gifts, even the ones that say “Oh, honey, I don’t need anything.”

They do, and you are 100% expected to know exactly what to buy her.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Moms like pretty things that are FUNCTIONAL. She’s got enough knick knacky stuff to clean up on a daily basis so another little glass trinket that says “World’s Best Mom” on it probably isn’t going to go down in the history books as favourite gift. **

**Allow me to clarify that trinkets that are handmade by Mom’s sweet little darlings are almost always cherished forever.

Christmas gift ideas for Mom that she will LOVE!

By the way, there are affiliate links in this post. That means that if you purchase something based on my personal recommendation I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Trust me, Mom will love that, too!

christmas gift ideas for mom phone case

Customizable Phone Case

Mom's phone is her key to the outside world and she entirely relies on it to be able to zone out while she hides in the closet for 5 minutes and eats her chocolate stash. Why not get her a custom case? Choose something that she really loves (ya, the kids....but that's just so cliche) so that everyone knows it's MOM'S PHONE!
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Initial necklace

Let's face it...Mom forgets her kids names from time to time. Let's give the lady a bit of credit; she's got 8 trillion things on her mind at one time it would be weird if she DIDN'T forget a kid or two's name on occasion.
This handy necklace will look cute and will also act as a reference guide for Mom when she's put on the spot and asked a difficult question like: "What are your children's names?".
Bonus idea: Have birth dates put beside each child's initials. That's the hardest question of them all!
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Whether or not she's plugging these babies in she has the excuse to ignore the kids for a few extra seconds. Usually she pretends the vacuum is too loud to listen to tales of woe from one sibling about another, but now she can do the same thing without having to go to the trouble of lugging the vacuum out!
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Christmas gift ideas for mom car difuser

Car Diffuser

Just like Mom masks the smell of spit up and 2 day old smoothie with perfume, she can do the same in the car! No matter how thoroughly Mom cleans the car there's always a lingering smell of something she's inevitably missed (it's always under the car seat). Pair this diffuser with a calming scent like Lavender and Mom will blissfully forget about whatever "that smell" is.
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Solidarity onesie

Let Mom's baby's clothes speak on her behalf. As lovely as unsolicited advice is (not) she probably doesn't need or want it. She knows the company to put this particular onesie on her kiddo around, or she can put it underneath another shirt and pull it out whenever necessary. A simple passive-aggressive "can you hold my baby a second" is all she'll need to do.
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Custom Planner

Mom likely loves to be organized (because life really is easier when you're organized), but she's probably busy organizing EVERYONE ELSE'S lives. Here's what you're going to do: Get her this planner, but write in days for Mom to go out and do something just for herself. Bonus points if you get her some gift certificates to correspond with her "me time", such as a local hair salon or yoga studio or whatever she's into!
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christmas gift ideas for mom purse

Cute Purse

Mom's been lugging around a massive diaper bag for years...isn't it time she downsized to something smaller (and crazy cute)? Still in diaper bag mode? This little purse is still a nice thing for her to have to go on those "me-time" adventures you've scheduled in for her where a diaper bag will absolutely not be needed.
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christmas gift ideas for mom strong as a mother

Strong As A Mother Sweatshirt

We all know that Mom is one tough lady...but let's let everyone know just how strong: Strong As A Mother! This sweater is cozy, it's cute, and it'll let you know exactly what you think of this lady who's strong as a Mother!
Photo credit: MountainMoverz

There ya go…a few Christmas gift ideas for Mom that she will actually, genuinely love. Still have more shopping to do? Check out this list for kiddos and this one for the dude in your life!

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