Facebook groups for Moms

A reminder for moms in Facebook groups

Without a doubt, motherhood can be isolating.

Mothers NEED to have a village surrounding them that offers support, non-judgement, compassion, and positivity.

Our day and age offers families the opportunity to find such support through the internet. There are countless avenues that one may choose to follow to find comfort on the world wide web.

By far, one of the most popular platforms to secure a sense of community is on Facebook. There are SO many different pages and groups that can apply to every walk of life, increasing one’s likelihood of feeling truly comfortable.

Pros vs Cons

For the most part, parents are doing everything with the best of intentions.

Good intentions don’t make it any easier.

There’s a million questions that arise during the time parents spend raising their children. Many parents turn to the internet for answers. Information acquired via the internet is often taken as gospel, when, in fact, it should be taken with a large grain of salt. Unfortunately, all information received, good or bad, is still able to penetrate the minds of worried parents when they are their most vulnerable, inducing a whirlwind of panic and self-doubt.

That’s when parents rely on internet forums for answers.

Facebook groups offer a lot of positives: communication, finding information, and a virtual sense of belonging. However, within all the good lurks an inherent dark side that may not be immediately obvious.


Have you have tried to research a topic only to find a dead end or didn’t find information that “sat well” with you?

Who has sought the insight of other mothers online in hopes that you may get a different perspective, and possibly even an answer?

How many of you have received backlash for a question that you have asked?


There are some groups where negativity and condescension are rare. However, there are some groups where the treatment of one another is absolutely deplorable. Considering that these groups are considered “online communities”, this behavior is extremely disappointing.

A reminder for Moms who participate in groups on Facebook:

This motherhood thing is hard. It’s hard for you, and it’s hard for everyone else who’s doing it right now, too. We all have our capabilities. We all have different morals, ideals, strengths, and backgrounds. Just because they don’t agree with your own, doesn’t mean they’re wrong. If your advice or opinion is asked for, share it politely.

With the exception of a few, most women don’t want to spark a debate, or engage in banter. The majority of women are simply searching for kinship and  solidarity.

Choose kindness. Be mindful of the words you choose. The language you use can be incredibly powerful; make it have a positive impact.

Show understanding. Be open to diversity.

Be loving.

Your actions affect other people. Choose to help lift other Mothers so that they can have the strength to take the best care of their children.

Be a part of the virtual village that raises a child.


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