A Good Enough Mom

We all have our aspirations. At one point in time I wanted to be in an executive position in a huge corporation, wearing fancy suits, drive a fancy car, and have people reporting to me.

That changed when I got pregnant with my first daughter.  My fancy suit turned into sweat pants, my fancy car turned into a minivan, and I was the one reporting to a tiny boss.

Just like that my goals changed. I no longer wanted a prestigious job and nice things. I just wanted to be a good mom.

When I got pregnant with my third daughter my goals changed once again. I was exhausted by trying so hard to be a good mom: homemade everything, countless arts and crafts, endless educational activities, ongoing kids music, daily trips to the park, and the forever feeling that what I was doing just wasn’t good enough.

That’s when I realized; instead of being a “good” mom I needed to strive to be a “good enough” mom.

“Good enough” moms are capable of doing everything that a “good” mom does. However, “good enough” moms are content knowing that if only the basics were provided for that day (food, exercise, love), that’s enough.  Anything offered beyond that is a bonus, but is not expected. There are no glorious goals to strive to meet and no looming feelings of failure when they aren’t accomplished. Satisfaction is accomplished daily when expectations are realistically achievable.

Being a “good enough” mom allows me to make it through to the end of those days that I just can’t wait to be over. Being a “good enough” mom gives my children the chance to learn to entertain themselves and gain understanding on how to be capable and independent. Being a “good enough” mom gives me peace of mind that my children get what they need and I still get to maintain my sanity.

I have days where I’m a “good” mom and days when I’m even a “great” mom (that means a trip to the park without yelling or having repetitive profanities circulating in my brain), but life is happiest when I’m a “good enough” mom.

My children may not always have a “great” mom or even a “good” mom, but they do have a “good enough” mom that they’re happy to call “Mom”.

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