Things you need to know about your postpartum body

It’s possible that your idea of what a postpartum body should look like has been somewhat skewed by media and societal standards of where your physical appearance should be after you’ve had a baby. ​ ​ Are you about to give birth? ​ Build your confidence with these 10 tips from a Mama who’s done […]

Postpartum Depression in men?

The awareness surrounding Postpartum Depression and Anxiety in new moms is increasing. However, we’re still a bit behind when it comes to Postpartum Depression in men. When a woman becomes pregnant she will quite often have discussions about Postpartum Depression before the baby is even born so that she knows the signs and symptoms to […]

What is a postpartum doula?

You’ve probably heard of a birth doula, but have you heard of a postpartum doula? A postpartum doula, as I like to put it, is a magical unicorn. I mean, we come and help out with baby, take care of Mom, and make sure that all is well at your home. It is pretty magical […]

The truth about the postpartum poo

Ask a 4 year old about postpartum poo and they’ll begin laughing hysterically and making farting sounds. (P.S. They don’t know what “postpartum poo” is and they don’t care. You said “poo”.) Ask a woman who’s given birth about postpartum poo and her response will let you know that this shit ain’t funny. Your body […]

7 best sex positions after having a baby

Being pregnant you realized that sex with a big, beautiful belly in front of you required some maneuvering and navigating. Now, having just had given birth you’re finding that the same need for adjustments still applies and you’re looking for some sex positions after having a baby that will work for you. There’s a fair […]