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Yoga for Moms: 7 poses to try

Yoga can be a fantastically productive use of your time to benefit both your body and your mind. To a tired, overwhelmed person, going to yoga for Mom can be the recharge that they need. Remember how taking care of yourself is taking care of your children?

There are a lot of differing views on how yoga came to be. Some believe that 5000 years ago, in a beautiful place called India, yoga was developed as a series of physical movements that were said to encourage the ability for one to master the mind and emotions, and advance in their spiritual growth.

I have another theory.

5000 years ago, in a beautiful place called India, yoga was developed as a series of physical movements that were said to encourage the ability of the mothers of the land to chill out.

That’s why there is yoga for moms that involves poses that are designed specifically with Moms in mind. Here’s a few:


“Please let the kids behave today”


sukhasana yoga pose

Bring your hands to heart centre, Mama. Pray to your Goddesses and Gods that the kids will not entirely chip away your sanity throughout the day.

Maybe add in a little request that you find an extra bottle of wine kicking around the house.



“No, really, I’m doing yoga”



Here’s the deal: When that person you live with comes home tell them that you’re going to do some yoga in the backyard, basement, spare room, whatever. Unroll your yoga mat (make this look legit), and lay down on it. Technically, this is yoga.

Do “yoga” until your nap is over.


“I’m a warrior!”

(Warrior 2)

warrior pose yoga

Get yourself into this power stance and breathe in all of your amazingness.

You have kids, you keep them alive, and you’re doing a pretty darn good job at it!



“Sobriety test”

(Standing bow)



yoga, friends and wine

If you can balance like this, you’re pretty darn sober. If you can balance like this, you should also probably have another glass of wine!


“Sexy Mama”

(Downward dog)

downward facing dog yoga pose

Come on. Your bum looks amazing in those tight pants. Whenever you see your partner peeking in to watch you, you immediately transition into this tempting pose! It’s entirely possible that’s not by accident. Ya, you’re a Mom…but you’re still a sexy beast. Tempt away!


“Mom’s gonna blow!!”

(Lion pose)


They know “the look”, but this one is new altogether. You’re at your wits end, but you’re kind enough to give them fair warning.

Enjoy the look of confusion/mild entertainment/moderate fear on their faces.

They’ll soon figure out what it means and act accordingly whenever you pull it out.


“I’m done”

(Child’s pose)

child's pose yoga

You’ve been beat down all day. You’re exhausted. You’re done.

The kids are in bed, and there’s still a billion things to do.

Acknowledge those things. Accept those things.

Silently give those things the middle finger, and curl yourself up into a little ball of not giving a damn.


Practising yoga takes dedication and consistency. You should allow yourself the opportunity to go through this sequence at least once a day…for yours and everyone else’s sake!

Namaste, Mama!



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