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7 best sex positions after having a baby

Being pregnant you realized that sex with a big, beautiful belly in front of you required some maneuvering and navigating. Now, having just had given birth you’re finding that the same need for adjustments still applies and you’re looking for some sex positions after having a baby that will work for you.

There’s a fair bit to consider when you’re thinking about having sex again after you’ve had a baby. Just because your doctor gave you the go ahead at your 6 week check up (pleaseeeeeeeee make sure you do this before you have intercourse again) doesn’t mean that you’re ready to have sex again. Check out this post to learn about the reasons that you might want to wait to have sex and make sure that you’re ready to go!

For those of you who know you’re ready (and who know your partner is SO freakin’ ready) then let’s go ahead and talk about sex positions after having a baby!

First things first, grab your lube. Even if you don’t end up needing it, it’s a good thing to have on hand. Second, get ready to hear funny sounds, smell funny smells, and laugh. Your mattress dancing routine may have never been humorous in the past, but sex after having a baby is a whole new ballgame…so keep an open mind!

7 best sex positions after having a baby

(Please excuse the poor pictures. I’m a Postpartum Doula…not a graphic designer…clearly.)

There's a lot you have to consider when you're having sex after birth, including the best sex positions after having a baby!

Mutual understanding

It can be a bit freaky deaky to delve right into sex positions after having a baby. You might want to take some time to re-learn your body and find out what feels great and what is a little more uncomfortable.

Mutual masturbation allows for you to have the intimacy with your partner that you’re both looking for while allowing you to have an opportunity to get comfortable with the idea of sex again.

sex positions after having a baby-mutual masturbation

Oral Care

When you’re comfortable and feeling confident you can have your partner perform some cunnilingus on you. It’s a good way to gently have your partner involved in the exploration of your postpartum body. Having them include putting their fingers in your vagina can help you get used to communicating with them about any discomforts when it comes to penetrative sex.

7 best sex positions after having a baby -oral sex

Women on top!

When it comes to ideal sex positions after having a baby anything that puts you in control of depth and speed is the best. When you’re on top of your partner you can gauge what feels best for you and adjust accordingly.

7 best sex positions after having a baby-woman on top

Ride ’em, Mama!

While having the utmost control may allow you to get maximum pleasure there may still be some discomfort when it comes to your perineum. Try reversing the “Women on Top” position to give your penis-perineum contact a new perspective.

Big spoon, Mama spoon

Reducing the depth that your partner can achieve might help make things more comfortable for your pelvic floor. Laying down and spooning allows for a more shallow penetration. This position is particularly great if you’re recovering from a cesarean birth so as to alleviate the pressure that’s put on your scar tissue.

Pressure’s off

Your body doesn’t want to have the weight of another human on it after 9 million months of enduring the weight of another human in it.

Position yourself so that you are on the end of the bed so that your partner can stand while penetrating you. It might help to put some pillows under your belly so that your body can rest on those.

So fucked and so clean!

Alright, sorry about the F-bomb here, but sometimes it needs to happen.

If one of the obstacles that you’re experiencing is a strong let down while you’re having sex and aren’t enjoying the clean up after why not overcome that hurdle while finally having that shower you’ve been meaning to have.

Having sex in the shower will allow that breastmilk that’s leaking to be washed away so you don’t have to worry about it. You can also prevent the occurrence of leaks during intercourse by wearing a nursing bra with breast pads in them (you can get some pretty darn sexy ones here).

Bonus position: Cuddle up

The thing about intimacy is that it doesn’t always mean penetrative sex. Sometimes, intimacy with your partner entirely means cuddling up and enjoying each other’s company. Discuss with your partner and define what intimacy means to each of you and how you can make sure that both people’s needs are being met, especially during this postpartum period where things are a bit chaotic.

There are a few sex positions after having a baby to get you started. Start slow and communicate with your partner.

(Click below to get a checklist and make sure you’re read to have sex after having a baby!)

Spending this intimate time together is so important when you have a new baby. What does that mean to you? Are you a Ride ’em, Mama or is Cuddle Up working for you right now?

Check out 7 Best Sex Positions for Parents once you’re all healed up and ready to get back into no holds barred (except for making sure you’re not going to get caught and everything around the house is done and the children are fast asleep) PARENT SEX!!

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