boredom buster things for new moms to do

50 things for new moms to do

So, you’re looking for things for new moms to do!

Let’s face it. Babies are boring. I mean, they’re crazy cute, but really, all that they do is eat, sleep, and poop. It’s inevitable that eventually, you’re going to want to start doing some stuff other than stare at your precious baby and think to yourself: “How did that come out of my body??”

This stuff I speak of might be things that have to do with motherhood or they might lie on the complete other end of the spectrum with things that has absolutely nothing to do with motherhood (even though, ultimately, you doing things that have absolutely nothing to do with motherhood will nourish your soul and make you a better mom, but you can read about how I feel on that subject in this post).

When you’re ready to find some things for new moms to do while your baby happily eats, poops out what he eats, and dreams about what he eats here’s a handy list for you:

50 things for new moms to do

  1. Give yourself a manicure or PEDICURE –because you can reach your toes again!
  2. Get really into a Netflix show
  3. Have a bath (if you’re able to do so)
  4. Do some online yoga (again, if you’re able to and have been cleared by your healthcare professional)
  5. Look up recipes on Pinterest
  6. Try some of the recipes that you’ve found, despite how fun it is to sit and “pin” all day:)
  7. CALL A FRIEND on video chat with a funny filter
  8. Make a keepsake box of your baby’s things
  9. Dance in your underwear
  10. Wash your hair. Yes, I know it’s been a while…that’s why I’m suggesting it.
  11. Organize your clothes and only keep stuff out that fits you and you’re comfortable in
  12. Start a bullet journal
  13. Do a craft-probably something you’ve found on Pinterest
  14. Start your baby book
  15. Do some laundry. Blech, I know. You’ll feel better when Mt. Neverendingpileoflaundry is no longer, though.
  16. Start a garden. Your baby can sleep outside in the playpen or even on a blanket while you put your green thumb to use
  17. Learn how to wear a stretchy baby wrap. It will save your life.
  18. Take a course online.
  19. Read a book. Something that will prepare you for what’s to come….like this one about what your 3-year-old will inevitably be like…
  20. Find some awesome websites to follow. **AHEM**
  21. Go for a walk.
  22. Go online and find a new mom friend in a Facebook group
  23. Make yourself a fancy coffee.
  24. Start a blog
  25. Do some online shopping!
  26. Have a picnic in your backyard
  27. Plan an at-home date night for you and your partner
  28. Lady…take a nap!
  29. Get dressed up. For you. Hot Mama!
  30. Meditate.
  31. Order some food from a local restaurant that you haven’t tried yet.
  32. Make a vision board.
  33. Organize your baby’s clothes
  34. Plant some flowers.
  35. Suntan in the backyard (avoid nude tanning if you have neighbors…or don’t-no judgment here!)
  36. Write out your whole birth story.
  37. Rearrange your furniture
  38. Make diaper changing stations-a basket filled with everything you need for diaper changes in different rooms in your house
  39. Write a letter!
  40. Design a tattoo (and book the darn appointment)
  41. Try learning a new language
  42. Take a drive somewhere.
  43. Do an at-home workout (if you’re okay to do it as per your midwife or doctor’s advice)
  44. Wax your legs. **I am not held accountable for any pain that may come from this.
  45. Re-do a piece of furniture
  46. Clean the cat’s litter box. I’m sure you missed doing it when you were pregnant? JUST KIDDING! New moms shouldn’t clean the cat litter box (just kidding…but you can let your significant other know that you read it on Facebook so it’s gotta be true…)
  47. Do your makeup. Learn a new eye shadow thingy (nope, don’t ask me. I clearly have no idea).
  48. Dance! Not “pre-baby, I’m at a bar” dance, but “I’m a Mom now so I have to Mom dance because it’s the coolest” dance.
  49. Start a scrapbook or photo album
  50. Do a photo shoot with your baby (while you still can and they don’t roll their eyes and say “I am NOT doing that, Mom.”
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