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5 simple ways for Moms to chill out

This whole Mom thing is stressful.

Wake the kids, feed the kids, get pants and shoes on the kids (this is no mean feat, people), chauffer the kids, entertain the kids, feed the kids, clean up after the kids, feed the kids, educate the kids, feed the kids, groom the kids, feed the kids, say goodnight to the kids.

Did I mention you also have to feed the kids??

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with raising children. Add never-ending housework in the mix and you’ve got a recipe for a cataclysmic disaster if Mom doesn’t get necessary relief and a chance to chill out!

Now, before you go saying there isn’t time (I’m a Mom, too, y’all…I know exactly what you’re thinking) really consider the importance of you getting some time to relax for a minute. Do you know what happens to a volcano when it builds pressure? It erupts. If only Mt. Vesuvius (you) had only taken a few minutes to herself she may not have taken it out on poor Pompeii (your kids and that person you live with) quite as she did.

In all seriousness, though, it’s totally dire that you take some time for YOU! I get it’s not always easy to find someone to watch the kids so you can have some alone time, but it’s still entirely possible to do even if you can’t get rid of the loved ones for a bit. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a few suggestions for you to kick your feet back and chill:

Put on a movie.

Nope, not for you. For the kids. They’ll be happy, entertained, and safe for approximately 90 minutes. This creates some time for you to have a nice bath or peruse your Facebook feed. Oh, and don’t even think about feeling guilty about it. That report you just read about the detrimental effects of television on children? Ya, they said that’s negated when the t.v. is being utilized for the purpose of Mom’s sanity!

Get outside.

Take the kids to the playground or to the backyard. Everyone’s souls will be grateful for the fresh air. Grab a coffee. Bring your book (don’t look at your phone in case Sanctimommy is lurking behind the swirly slide-only old-fashioned paperbacks are acceptable when you’re not entirely focused on your children). There will inevitable be a big kid at the park that you can sick your little kids on. All will be fine, Mama.

Yoga and meditation.

YouTube is a great resource for kid’s yoga. Our favorite is “Cosmic kids”. It’s fun for kids and it’s actually pretty fun for adults, too. Taking the time to gently move your body will relax you. Even if you’re doing it to the story about a kangaroo in a hot air balloon. I promise.

Taking a few minutes to meditate will prove beneficial to your health and mental state even though you only need a few minutes to do it. Lock yourself in the bathroom, tell the kid’s you’re pooping, put some headphones in, and exhale away your stress.

Move your body.

Mom dancing. It’s sole purpose isn’t to embarrass your children! Getting your body moving will shake off that extra energy you have pent up inside. Exercise is a top way to relieve stress. It’s science. Unfortunately, getting out for a run or a non-toddler paced hike isn’t always feasible. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want you to do: Put on some 90’s pop (don’t deny it-we all do it), crank up the volume, pump up the jam. You oughta know what dance moves are the best, so do those, and then do those baby, one more time! This is how we do it; don’t be a genie in a bottle-let it all out while the kids either join you or weep in the corner. I want it that way, Mama! Get your booty on the floor tonight!

Do what you want.

Want to go to church? Go! Want to do some fishing? Go! Want to buy some new Mom jeans? GO!!!

Take your kids with you to do the things YOU want to do. You do a lot for them. Like, a lot, a lot. It’s good for them to do things that don’t involve colorful play structures and “Old MacDonald” playing in the background and isn’t completely revolved around them. Ok, so bringing your kids may not be the most relaxing thing ever but you’ll still be doing something for you. It’ll be good for you AND the kids (plus, your butt will look amazing in a new pair of denims)!


Mama, you gottttttttttttttta do this. From one volcano Mama to another, you’ll be grateful you take time to avoid an eruption!

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