easy to make last minute christmas gifts

Easy to make last minute Christmas gifts

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From here on, November 30th is being dubbed “Final rest day”. The second your alarm goes off on December 1 you’re entirely immersed in Christmas concerts, office parties, caroling, parades, class parties, moving that damn Elf on the Shelf, and the list goes on and on.

You’ve made your Christmas shopping list and you’ve checked it twice. Unfortunately, you’ve still managed to forget someone on your list. You’re reminded of this when they invite you to their Christmas party after you’ve done all your Christmas shopping!

Don’t despair. There’s a sure-fire way you can maintain your facade of being organized (you really try your hardest-you’re a frickin’ star!), by choosing one of these quick and easy ideas that nobody will know are whipped up last minute Christmas gifts!

Easy to make last minute Christmas gifts

Family night basket

Grab a basket. Fill it with a combination of the following:

-Google Play gift card



-movie passes

-board game

-various candies


-coloring books and coloring tools

Arrange it nicely. Add a bow. Badabing. Badaboom. Christmas present.

Body scrub

When If Mom gets a chance to shower she will so appreciate a jar full of homemade body scrub that smells like the stuff that brings her to life every day!

Mix equal parts of raw cane sugar, coffee grounds, and coconut oil together. Add some essential oils if you’d like! Try peppermint (mocha), cinnamon (pumpkin spice), or vanilla (because…yum). Once it’s mixed well throw it in a little Mason jar that she can store in the shower.

Coupon books

You know you’re going to get some awesome ones from your kids for free foot massages and 1 hour of scowl free chore doing. Pass along the goodness to your friends with a bunch of things that they will love. The best part? It doesn’t require you to do anything right now (other than print off the labels below)!

Use the suggestions that are already provided or come up with your own! If you’re feeling really frisky come up with some naughty ones for your partner;)

Handmade cards

Your children are a blessing. No, seriously. There’s not a person on this planet that won’t at least pretend to be thrilled by a 3-year-old’s original artwork. Put a gift card inside and you’ve got yourself a thoughtful, handmade gift. Your 3-year-old doesn’t want to cooperate? No problem! You bought two bottles of wine for those labels, right? Of course, you did. Drink one of those rather quickly and you’ll find yourself doodling at your 3-year-old’s level in no time! When you give the recipient the gift, keep your slurs to a minimum and they’ll never know a thing!


If you find yourself reading this early enough in the season when last minute Christmas gifts ideas aren’t important and you can come up with some more time-consuming gifts with this AMAZING resource of patterns and ideas for crafters of all sorts! Plus, it offers tutorials for all those things you’ve wanted to learn! You can make gifts for others while you indulge in some much-needed self-care!

You’ll find tons of awesome gift ideas that you can make with your own hands and creative mind.

Now, I want to know…what are your last minute Christmas gifts ideas?!

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