how to get a great sleep

How to get sleep when you have kids

How on earth are you supposed to have a good night sleep when you have kids??

From around the 7-month mark in your pregnancy-when things start to get a bit more uncomfortable and rolling over requires actual effort-until your children are 18 or so, parents don’t sleep very much. From intense midnight pregnant lady cravings to all night nursing parties to peed in bedsĀ (theirs?) to nightmares, there always seems to be something interrupting a potentially beautiful night of sleep.

If you have a sick child or a sneaky teenager you can somewhat assume that you’ll be up at some point during the night, but for the most part if and when you get a full night sleep is unpredictable. You want to make sure that you get the most of every night just in case the kids are kind enough to give you a full 8 hours of sleep! After a few nights like that the bags under your eyes might even lighten up a bit!

5 ways to get a great night sleep when you have kids

Use essential oils

Put a few drops of lavender on your pillow before bed. Lavender is scientifically proven to encourage relaxation. Lie down on your pillow and take deep breaths. This works as a meditative measure as well as allowing you to reap the benefits of this calming scent.

Avoid screens

Once the kids go to bed it’s your time to zone out and catch up on your favorite Netflix shows. It’s a hard thing to do to NOT fall asleep to the boys of Supernatural (and have some fantastic dreams), but it’s definitely not in your favor! The blue light on your phone or t.v. or computer suppresses your melatonin, which is your sleep-inducing hormone. Do a bit of yoga or read a PAPERBACK BOOK in your bed. It’s been said that perhaps doing anything other than sleeping in your bed isn’t good for your brain’s association of what’s supposed to be done there, but c’mon- as if getting shut eye is the only thing really happening in there anyway;)

Mom needs to get a good night of sleep

Keep a pen and paper at your bedside

Crap! You forgot to get the money together for Sally’s field trip. Dang it! You still need to pick up the dog’s medicine from the pharmacy.

Keep a pen and paper by your bedside so you can write things down and forget about them until the morning. Otherwise, you’ll be tempted to get out of bed to finish these tasks and you’ll likely get distracted by something else that will prevent you from going straight back to bed. Once you’ve written down what you need to do try and clear your mind with those meditative breaths mentioned above so you can get yourself some sleep.

Dress comfortably

Sexy, black, lacy lingerie? No way.

Sexy, black, fleece onesie? Winner winner chicken dinner!

Wear something to bed that’s not going to interrupt your sleep. Make sure you can move freely in it and it doesn’t restrict you at all. Also, make sure to keep your feet warm by wearing socks. Warm feet will keep the rest of your body warm which will help you fall asleep faster!

Be lazy

Avoid exercise right before bed. That will only stimulate you-which is not what you want right before you are trying to go to sleep! Once you’ve put the kids to bed and they’ve finished their half-hour routine of asking for a glass of water repeatedly, you’re able to zone out and relax a bit. Give yourself time ease into sleep (even if you’ve been tired since 9 a.m. you need to let your mind shut down before you try and go to sleep)!


A whole night of sleep is rare when you have children. Make sure you maximize the potential for a good night just in case there are no disturbances in the night. Wouldn’t it be nice to not look like a zombie for a whole night?

Maybe consecutive hours of sleep is out of the question for you? Check out how to beat Mom fatigue naturally!

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