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21 unique and cool gift ideas for kids

Gifts for kids can be the easiest and the hardest things to shop for.

If the kids in your life are like the kids in my life your conversations go something like this:

ME: “What do you want for Christmas?”

KID: “I dunno.”

(December 24) KID: “Actually, I really want ________!”

My approach to shopping for gifts for kids has changed from asking them what they want to assuming that they will love whatever I buy them-which means I’d better make it good!

Thanks to Etsy, here’s a solid list of idea for gifts for kids by their age group.

Gifts for kids that will rock their world


Are you struggling with a gift idea for kids in your life? Here are some Mom approved suggestions for kids of all ages!

Newborn to 1 year old

gifts for kids

Customizable spoon

They'll get some great use out of this AND be able to save it as a keepsake! Photo credit: MyMomentsOfBliss


These puppets are handmade, soft, and super cute! They're a great option for quiet time or silly time.
("Baaaaaby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo.")
Photo credit: CateandLevi

Teething toys

Give baby something to chew on other than their parents! These are high quality silicone and perfect for sore gums! Photo credit: SloaneandBlake


gift ideas for kids


Kids love setting things up just as much as they love destroying! Give them the gift of both with this bowling set! Photo credit: TheFortToys

gift ideas for kids memory game

Memory game

This adaptable game is perfect for toddlers and up. Plus, the musical instruments on the tiles can make you feel super cultured:) Photo credit: WoodContourCanada

gift ideas for kids toddlers

Training underwear

Nothing motivates a kid to get potty trained like getting some big kid undies! These are cute, gender neutral, and perfect for kids of all ages. Photo credit: TotsSmartyPants

puzzle gift idea for kids

Customizable puzzle

Cute and educational...can't get much better than that! Will your kiddos name fit on a puzzle? Photo credit: BusyPuzzle


gift ideas for kids

Messenger bag

This sweet bag is perfect for days at the park and trips to the library. Your pockets won't be filled up with treasures...their bag will! Photo credit: TarrahAtHome

gift ideas for kids preschool

Sequin pillow

Most kids are their own biggest a flashy pillow with their name on it seems like a great gift idea for kids!
Photo credit: TheosLane

gift ideas for kids


What kid doesn't love a tent? From snuggling up and reading stories to livingroom campouts this teepee will be well loved. Photo credit: iloveteepee

gift ideas for kids preschool

Felt board

Give your kiddo hours of fun (while you get hours of quiet-always part of a great gift idea for kids) while they create stories on a felt board!

School aged 5-9

gift ideas for kids


Bring out the chef in your kiddo (trust me-this will work in your favour). They'll love having the opportunity to gain some independence in the kitchen while looking super cute! Photo credit:ChezCarolie


Get your kids outside with a boomerang! your windows.
Photo credit: WallabyBoomerang

gifts for kids

Sewing kit

Sewing is a skill that kids should have! This is a great project for a beginner with a result that will provide loads of love. Photo credit: CateandLevi

gift ideas for kids cape

Superhero Cape

Kids love to dress up, and what a better thing than a cape and mask to do it with! Don't forget: Superheroes always do what Mommy and Daddy tell them;) Photo credit: MyHeroHeadquarters

School aged 10-14

Wall hangings

Their bedroom is becoming one of their favourite places to be and they may as well make it beautiful! Photo credit: ShikishMTL

gift ideas for kids

DIY art kit

It's relaxing, it's rewarding, it's beautiful! Art promotes relaxation after a long day of school and pre-puberty life. Photo credit:TheDottingCenter

gift ideas for kids bracelet

Lava stone bracelet

They look nice and they smell nice. Pair them with a relaxing essential oil to help with anxiety or stinky kid smell. Photo credit: BlueberryMtnNaturals


Push Pin Travel Map

Encourage some wanderlust in your teenager. Give them an opportunity to explore where they might want to see in the world in an aesthetically pleasing way! Photo Credit: CanvasVows

gift ideas for kids


Give them a spot to write their thoughts, ideas, and feelings about how unfair you've made their life. **Don't snoop. It's tempting, but everyone needs their privacy:) Photo credit: SanTanLeather

gift ideas for kids watch

Wooden Watch

They'll look good...and they'll never be late! This beautiful wooden watch is unique and can be engraved. A beautiful momento. Photo credit: WoodInPhilosophy

There you have it! There are some unique gift ideas for kids that will ensure big smiles Christmas morning. 

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