all moms can make this dinner recipe

The most amazing dinner recipe every mom can make

It’s 5:00. First off, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve almost made it through the day. It’s been a doozie, but you’re so close to the finish line that you must keep going.

A large portion of your day was devoted to spending 2 hours in the grocery store choosing out the healthiest food for your family. You carefully crossed all the items off your mile-long list of requests and necessities and then proceeded to spend half an hour in the line up to spend half your life savings on feeding your insatiable children.

You came home and spent another hour putting all the groceries away (it took this long because you had to keep stopping to make the kids snacks and clean up after). You planned to make an incredible dinner with your fully stocked pantry, but now that the time has come to actually execute your plan you are less than enthusiastic. You JUST put all those groceries away and it seems hardly worth it to just pull them all back out again, doesn’t it?

You glance over at the dinner recipe that you intended to make for tonight, but it far less appealing now.

You decide to go down a different route tonight. Instead of your original idea of a complicated meal of macaroni and cheese (from scratch, of course…) you’re going to try an even easier dinner recipe that suits your fancy a bit better:

Easy dinner recipe for Mom


-1 litre exhaustion

-2 cups of frustration

-8 tbsp. of overwhelm

-pinch of irritation

-dash of over-caffeination and regretting that 3:00 coffee…

-handful of I’m done for the night


  1. Take all ingredients and put them in a big pot of This shit ain’t happening tonight.
  2. Put that guilt inducing recipe book away.
  3. Call the pizza man and order 2 larges so you have leftovers to send with the kids tomorrow for lunch.
  4. Pay out of your emergency fund stash -this is an emergency.
  5. Enjoy eating a homemade, delicious homemade (ehm, excuse me, it IS homemade. You mixed ingredients and created food. Homemade.) dinner instead of eating your children!

Obviously, this is a dinner recipe that can only be followed on special occasions, like when you’re really tired and the kids are driving you absolutely crazy.

Oh, wait…actually, you should probably just keep replenishing your emergency fund!


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